Synchronicities that sneak in between parallel lives


My experiences with parallel realities continue. Last night, during the meditation I usually do, I was able to “feel” or perceive the exchange or flow of information (or energy, consciousness or feedback) between parts of me, although they showed in a very superficial and short way. However, I noticed an interesting effect, how an event in a parallel reality can positively or negatively influence another.

Simultaneously manifested events

In an online group where I recently am, there was a little discussion over a topic where I unfortunately participated because there was an exchange of opinions that went outside the margins of the “label and online education” that should be maintained, and rather than thinking that the fault was this or that person for X or Y comment or “attack”, I concentrated on the “origin” of the energy that distorted or generated the discussion. To my surprise, and this was the last thing I awaited, I perceived precisely in an image that I interpreted as a parallel reality, a verbal confrontation between the same people, which, in this, my present reality, were discussing online who was right and who was not. Of course, the first thing you think is that you projected it with your mind, extrapolated or visualized, but I continued with the meditation and asked those who are always ready around to attend, who confirmed me that it was an influence of something that had happened with great force in a parallel reality, manifested to a lesser degree by the same units of consciousness that come and go from those parallel lives and that bring with them the energy load and accumulated content then downloaded and manifested in this one in another scenario on a different way. Why? Because there were experiences for those all involved in the event at the level of their SUPRA-BEING that were necessary for each and every one at those levels where one is not aware.

Dimensional filters

What I did not like so much, is that my guides also told me that the more aware you are of your probable and parallel realities, the more you can detect their influence and more things can be “hung” that can influence other realities, since they are your units of consciousness, those of your base reality, as the David who writes this now, which has a greater degree of “knowledge” of what is happening for having “opened the door” to this exchange consciously. while on the other hand, the “feeling” that certain forces are set in motion because the contents of the units of consciousness cross from one reality to another, causes that content to find a more “open” energy field available to manifest the experience that is desired (which is possibly more positive, because the experience is produced earlier or better, and therefore the lesson or knowledge is collected, accumulated in the being and to another thing butterfly).

Synchronicities that come from parallel realities

So, following the talk with my guides, they explained to me the reason for one of the dreams I had last week for an event that happened to me some time ago left me a “weird feeling” (and I do not know how to explain it better), was the result of an event in a parallel reality with a strong load and energetic connotation in that other reality (something important happened in one of those timelines, in which another David is experiencing other things). This event, because of its importance, had a great impact on the parallel realities immediately adjacent to the reality of origin since the units of consciousness involved in it, mine and the other people and actors who came out, moved the content and emotional burden towards my current reality. At that moment, a synchronicity happened to me like the multiple ones that happen to us constantly while in that parallel reality another David was experiencing a major change in his life, this David who writes to you, noticed with the person in front of him a sense that something was changing and I didn’t know what was it.

So, what we describe in temporal terms such as the succession of events and unfoldings, is shown in this diagram:


Although it looks more like this:


where all probable realities are parallel and interconnected with each other and exert more influence on those immediately adjacent in “frequency” (and also in space and time) than those further away.

The most important concept to extract from this series of events or perceptions, is that synchronicities are manifested not only by the influence of the “superior” planes (remember the article on how our guides and HS can manipulate our temporary space grid and the blue mayonnaise cane I asked for as a proof) but many events that happen to us are a consequence of turning a situation in one reality into another through the same units of consciousness that constantly interact and jump from one dimension to another without any kind of barrier or restriction.

Attracting parallel reality events to you

Seth said in “Unknown Reality” that if you want to manifest an event in your life that you lost from having taken a fork that took you away from that possible future, you can re-attract it to your timeline by making the effort, and by really putting the intention that your units of consciousness connect with that other reality and “attract” it to yours. I have the suspicion because I have not read it yet, that this is very related to the theory of “change the future by the temporal openings” of Jean Pierre Garnier (it looks like it is the same concept, I think). So I took advantage of my meditation to do the test and visualized a number of characteristics (not any material things) that I wanted to “attract” to my reality. Then I mentally “I asked” in what parallel reality I could find them (for example, what David can speak Chinese or paint pictures magnificently?). So I found during the meditation, two situations where those characteristics were present (the Chinese thing is just an example), and I put as much intention as I could to “merge” with the CU (consciousness units) that possess that content in that reality to be attracted and manifested in mine. So I’ll be repeating it a few more times to see what happens.

The interesting thing here is that one of my guides told me that just the feature I was asking to increase, I was the only one of my probable selves that had developed it and that they were the ones that connected with me (unconsciously I guess) in order to manifest it.

Well, I don’t know if I’ve been able to explain my experience and the experiment, but I think you’ve generically understood what I mean and it’s a very interesting topic to explore because it opens doors to understand how the experiences and lessons that our being wants to acquire are distributed, as nothing is linear and everything happens at the same time forwards and backwards in time, inwards and outwards, as all the possibilities of the same event are manifested in some reality and how this apparent chaos at the bottom is one of the most orderly things that exist because it leaves nothing to chance and nothing without “being experienced”, even if it is in another time or in another space.

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