Despite we only remember it when something hurts, or feeling ill, or having some sort of physical problem, the truth is that we should pay much more attention to our body. Our body is materially the reason, and the vehicle with which we experiment the physical reality where we exist. Since, at a soul level, we are no more than pure energy, little we could do if that energy wasn’t channeled through a physical element sustaining it, and providing the necessary tools for the growth we all seek.

The Intelligence of the Body

The body has memory, it is intelligent and conscious, from the very moment the cells begin mitosis to form this humanoid suit that we wear. The first agreement with our body happens at the moment of our incarnation, when the energy and being of the soul start working with the consciousness of the body. In most of the cases they get along very well, they accept each other and both consciousness become one, in a kind of symbiotic agreement; without this, neither one could function at their best. The body, without the leading consciousness of the soul, would be nothing more than a biological machine. The Higher Self connected through the soul, without the vehicle for development and experimentation of the body, could never acquire experience to grow in his way back to the source.

The body has memory, in fact, the body’s memory and consciousness is just the addition of the trillions of little memories and consciousnesses of each and every cell, string of DNA, and the chemical elements we are made of. This combination acts like one single entity, that we can talk to and communicate with. Many already do that through kinesiology, others do through meditation, while some have no idea it’s something they can do.

Giving Orders, Accepting Advice

Our body has its own intelligence, in fact much more than we give credit for, not just the “natural” evolutionary lot we’ve been cast with, on account genetic manipulations that seemed to have occurred for better or worse (which originated Homo Sapiens), but we have to accept that our own physical system has many things to tell us. For starters, it has a much more clear idea, at the soul level, on how to adapt and function in a purely physical world. Its “instinctive” reactions, cellular memory, automatic reactions and defence mechanisms are not designed to be controlled by the entity living in it, but rather to address any situation when survival is at stake.

In the same way that many of the mental processes and management of the physical functions are automatic, our body is willing to take orders, as far as we heed its advice; control, when hierarchy is clear, ultimately resides in the soul that steers the vehicle, but always in agreement of both.

Eliminating Blockages and Healing Disease

The energetic dysfunctions manifest as a physical illness may have many causes, but only one result, malfunction of our earthly vehicle. Our body can tell us when this malfunction is happening, if we just listen. To begin with, among other things, we should love our body and value it properly. The simple act of focusing our attention regularly in each part of our physical system, and to give our gratitude for its workings, will make the body respond for being appreciated, and it will continue working hand in hand with our consciousness. But there’s more we can do, because the energy from every cell and the harmonious setting enabling a healthy system can be perturbed, when malfunctions appear as physical problems.

The fact that so many people say they have healed themselves from many a different illnesses with visualizations, internal work, and meditation, is proof of that teamwork between the energy and desires of the soul, and the energies and desires of the body to heal on its own. Most of us are far from being able to heal ourselves with the power of our minds, but this is not the first or the last article discussing this topic, not because it’s something obvious, or easy, or not requiring hard work, but because it is something possible to achieve.

We can tell our cells to stop the aging cycle, to modify their internal clock so they don’t die as fast as they do, we can tell them to rebuild any damaged part, to improve function in any organ, or to restore any tissue. The cell ensemble, at a energetic level, works as one organism capable of changing internally at the request of the guest entity, and it is just a matter of knowing how to communicate with our body to establish good dialogue and teamwork. Start that dialogue, your body is eager to chat.