The other day I read an interesting post on Erin Pavlina’s blog (she is an American psychic) where she explained how she connects with her spiritual guide and her Higher Self. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I practically use the same technique when I meditate, so I think it’s worth sharing, for those of you who want to know how to start a connection with our guides.

The technique is very simple and requires a few steps only. Let’s start by relaxing, and concentrating on our thoughts, ideas, songs, images that can raise our frequency, and our vibration. We must try making communication as easy as possible, since it is more complicated for our guides to reduce their frequency down to something like our third dimensional “material” vibrations, compared to us increasing our frequency. Basically, the process is to create a cleaner channel so that waves, thoughts, and energy can cross the multiple dimensional barriers that separate the different levels involved in this communication. Increasing your vibration means doing something or thinking about something that makes you feel better or happier, “elevated” and raising the frequency of each particle that forms your body and energetic structure.

Opening your chakras

The next step is to open our chakras, our body’s energy center points, which will greatly influence the quality of communication that we can get. To open our chakras we can try any visualization exercise, imagining they are rotating, expanding their energy, from the base chakra to the crown. I personally like to visualize that the last chakra in the physical body, the crown chakra (we also have extracorporeal chakras with other functions) is connected to the universe, like a channel that’s coming out of me and expanding upwards where the messages will flow through.

Preparing a “rendezvous”

Once you’re feeling comfortable then you can prepare for a rendezvous. You can imagine yourself climbing up, doesn’t matter what you’re climbing, it may be up a staircase, or an elevator, a tunnel. Imagine what you like better, you just have to go ascending, which is the same as trying to “move up” mentally towards the higher dimensions where those beings (our guides who support and protect us) dwell. In my case I’m always climbing up a huge marble staircase, and after several floors (I imagine that each floor is one plane/energy level/ dimension high) I find a nice old man who is the gatekeeper of that level where my guides reside (esoterically this being is called the “threshold keeper”). Again, you’re free to imagine what you like. Then,I cross the door in that mental space and go straight to my guide’s “house” (or predetermined rendezvous). For me, it’s a place that instills serenity, relaxation and it’s apt for hours of conversation. Visualize what suits you best: a cabin in the mountains, a cozy lounge with a fireplace, a coffee shop with plush sofas, etc.

Your guides will be there waiting for you. Greet them and talk to them. Imagine the conversation you have. It doesn’t matter what you say or don’t say. At the very beginning, I always pictured myself taking a cup of energetic tea that worked wonders to reload my batteries, then, in my mind, the conversation begins.

Be patient

At first, this conversation is entirely in you mind, but it will eventually lead to answers or ideas or feelings that don’t seem to come from your mind. You really will be receiving information from those who assist you from the higher levels, which is a great, since you’ll begin to notice these messages and instructions in a subtle and different way. Always ask your Higher Self, or your guides, what is the most important thing they want you to know and try to get the answer for that. Do not hurry, sometimes the messages will come hours or days after, when you are asleep, taking a shower or taking a stroll; suddenly you will notice and know what is the answer to your question.

Enjoy the communication and practice it very often, keep your channel open as much as possible to receive the messages. With experience, your guides will also learn to adapt to your vibration and frequency and will know how to transmit your messages more clearly.