Tell me what bothers you, and I’ll tell you what you have to solve


Basically,  obstacles and problems in our lives appear to help us learn valuable lessons that make us stronger and more prepared in the long term. All those situations that are bothering us at this moment, or have become a problem, are nothing more than a warning sign on a subject we have to solve in order to move on to the next level of the game of life that we are all in.

Life has a great sense of humour, it helps us grow and evolve by putting situations and experiences before us so that we can learn from them and, at first, it does so in a subtle, soft way, without too many complications. When we are able to realize we are going through a new stage and there is something we have to learn from it, the learning path can be as cheerful and fun as our willingness to find out what is the lesson of the situation we are in. The problem, however, is that most of us find it difficult to understand that after every experience we have, a small (or great lesson) is hidden, and we cannot pass the course until we have passed the exam.

It’s basically like the alarm clock, which keeps ringing louder and louder until you decide to get out of bed and turn it off. At first, we can find these obstacles, problems or annoying situations that, even though they are screaming at us that we have to face them in order to leave them behind, it seems they do not sound loud enough so that we cannot ignore them. It is then when we find ourselves immersed into a mediocre life of small problems everywhere, which can be more or less bearable, but because we do not face and solve them, they accumulate one after another until one fine day we cannot stand this anymore.

Great lessons ignored, great problems to face

That life presents us is always one of those great lessons we must learn while we look the other way, so the intensity of the warning sign will become more and more insistent until it completely blocks us. It is when we find ourselves in a situation where either we face the obstacle or problem that lies ahead or we will be really upset until we decide to do so. It’s like the final grade exam, if you didn’t want to study in the little mid-term exams and do the tasks you were getting all year round, now it’s your turn to stand in front of the final exam and don’t move from there until you pass it.

Feeling on “stand-by”

The analogy with electrical appliances is very suitable. How many of us have got the feeling of being on stand-by many times? We’re “on”, but we’re not moving forward. We are stuck and we only go back to daily routine to overcome the everyday life which turns into a burden where nothing moves because nothing is solved that allows life to give us the pass to the next level of the game, where new and exciting adventures await us. If you identify yourself with this situation right now, stop for a while and analyse one by one all the facets of your life in which you seem to be stuck in.

Identify what blocks you

Are you looking for a new job and it comes not? Look what’s going on in your current position which won’t let you progress. Are you refusing to learn something new that might be what you need for a possible new position? Are you missing a lesson you have to learn with some boss/colleague so you can leave it behind?

Do you have family/couple/social problems? Are you involved in repetitive situations? Are you forced to deal with someone who appears again and again in your life and bothers you? Notice what that person/situation may be trying to teach you with his/her behaviour or reactions, ask yourself why you have to get involved with it, what is there to learn from it? Only you can find the answer, but asking the question is already a giant step towards it.

Facing our fears

Most of the time we are stuck because we are afraid to move forward, to move to the next level and change course. We are afraid to remove these obstacles because they have become something more or less comfortable, and we have learned to drag them with us. However, there is only one way we can evolve as individuals and improve: facing what bothers us, addressing the challenges that we face. Running away or covering them up just makes us waste our time, because life won’t take its lessons away so we’re comfortable. And not wanting to see it has a lot to do with the inner cowardice that’s haunting us all.

Life wants us to be even better than we are and knows that only on the next level of play can we achieve it. So the lessons will continue to be repeated, over and over again, with even greater strength and even more difficulty if possible. It’s time to face them, it’s time to pass this test because what comes next is again much more pleasant. Every time something bothers you, you find yourself in trouble or you face an obstacle, don’t turn around but go for it. Tell me what bothers you, and I’ll tell you what you have to solve.

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