Test of the Archetypes of the Ego


If you have already done the test on the archetypes of the Ego that we saw in the previous entry, I imagine that you will be willing to check your results. Follow the instructions below to calculate correctly the value of each archetype.

Next, you will see that under the name of each one there are several numbers of 6 of the previous test questions. What you should do is to transfer your results from the test at the side of the proper number. For example, If your answer to question 17 was 5 (almost always), put a 5 next to number 17, which is inside the archetype group “Innocent“. When you have all the transferred values, make the total sum of each one of the archetypes, to obtain a single value (which will be between 6 and 30) for each of them.

When you have completed everything, you may be interested in making a graphic representation with Excel or by hand, so you can see the results of your personal situation.

Innocent Lover Leader
5 12 26
13 16 32
34 17 35
49 25 38
63 29 46
65 45 67
Orphan Destroyer Sage
14 2 1
22 4 18
27 21 20
30 52 36
50 61 41
71 66 56
Warrior Creator Mad
6 8 9
39 19 11
40 31 28
44 60 43
57 64 53
59 69 54
Caretaker Magician Seeker
7 3 33
10 23 47
15 37 51
24 42 62
55 48 70
68 58 72

Remember that there is no archetype or character from your personality better or worse than another. Each one has its own characteristics, qualities and valuable lessons. Look especially at those that have a higher value. These archetypes indicate, based on the test you have done, which sub-personalities are more active and present in your life. Then look at the ones that have scored the least points (usually less than 15). These archetypes are usually repressed, or you have chosen to ignore this sub-facet of your character. If you really have very few points in one of them, you may have an aversion (conscious or unconscious) to what it represents. I promise to put in the next few days a more or less detailed explanation of each type of subpersonality. Now it is time for your inner reflection about what you have been able to discover of your sub-characters and facets of your self.

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