A few days ago I proposed to myself an exercise, that every time I heard something or someone said something that I didn’t really want it to be part of my “world,” I would say to myself “It is possible, but that is not my reality”. It started with such foolish things as going to the parking to get my bike for a ride being one of those days that was pouring rain and I hear as the security guy told me “David, you’re going to get soaked! “, and although I answered amicably, I mentally said to myself “that is not my reality, I will not get wet on my route.” Or when I was going to the store shopping and people in the store talked about how bad things were, and I thought “maybe, but that is not my reality”, or when someone said that it was difficult to do this or that, I always thought “can be, but not in my reality.” I have spent already a couple of weeks with this mindset and the truth, I can not complain about the results or the feeling of having taken myself off or avoiding the projections of others on how they see the world, from myself.

If you create your world, why do we accept the world of others?

And it’s that, if you do not like something or do not want it to happen to you, or affect you or influence you, why accept it as valid? Rejecting something manifested in your life is as simple as mentally saying “this is not part of my reality”, and deactivates (let’s put aside lessons in life and other important events). Do not accept the typical conversations, advice or predictions of those who speak for talking, because it is what they have heard, have seen on TV or have been told, and especially those who are building their world on the basis of the world of others. If you are told that the economy is wrong, that today will be a disastrous day, that there is a flu epidemic and we will all be infected, that there is no way to get something you want, etc., Just stop that energy and tell yourself “I do not accept it, to me, that is not part of my reality, ” and it goes on.

Deactivating projections of others and the collective unconscious

Only when we accept the energy that our environment sends us with the message that it is, is when we give permission to become part of our world. If you do not want something, be aware that you don’t want it in your day to day, and do not give the permission for it to become a reality. Whatever it is, from the dumbest thing to the most transcendental thing, if it’s not of your interest, why would you have to let it manifest in your world? This “exercise” requires some practice, but when you’ve been doing it for days, you notice that there are things that really stop happening to you, because you’ve decided to change its course. Do that test and check it for yourself.