I have heard and read many novels which talked or used this “trending” topic about “the end of the world” in December 2012. Writing a post about how the world ends is far from my mind, I am interested in sharing, basically, my own spiritual interpretation about such a special date.

The Mayan calendar knew about and predicted the earth rotation on its axis, known as precession of the equinoxes. Every 26,000 years, a shift happens and this reversal concludes more or less around the end of 2012. Nothing to discover so far as this is a proven astronomical fact.

Within spiritual (and not so spiritual) circles, much is discussed about the impact this date has on mankind spiritual development and about the changes still to come. One of them is the leap to another possible “superior” dimension or state of consciousness, to a higher vibration of our planet Earth, with all the impact this may have upon everything which exists in the planet. Because Kumar, (as the real name of the planetary logos, Gaia is a man-made name for it), the Earth is a living being, an entity with life and its own evolutionary plans which, as us, its inhabitants, develops and changes, according to its own parameters, targets and evolutionary plans.

The fact of speaking about the Earth as a “living entity” ready to make a qualitative and vibrational leap and connecting it to the end of human race does not seem to me as correct and real.

We all are energy

The fact that we all are pure energy vibrating at a certain frequency tells us that if our habitat evolves, we can evolve with it. If Kumar is at the end of a process when it will increase its frequency and vibrate in another reality, we should be prepared to do the same. Every human being, plant or animal is but a certain quantity of energy with a specific density. Although we all share more or less the same material density, we can also learn to modify our frequency to grow, progress, evolve and leap to another evolutionary band of existence.

In addition, the fact that each of us creates its own reality depending on the type of frequency (thoughts, feelings and desires) we send out, makes it possible that a change of this nature has so many interpretations and physical demonstrations as people inhabiting the world.

Those who believe the world is about to end, who live attached to their materials belongings and to fear as the base frequency of their existence, will probably see events that reflect their way of understanding the change which is about to occur in their reality. Not vibrating at the new frequency that (presumably) the Earth will assume in some years’ time will mean staying in a low level 3D reality where everything which has been “improved” o has evolved will not exist.

On the other hand, to personally evolve, to be capable of increasing our vibratory frequency, to live according to the planet and less according to the type of life which leads us to destruction, we need to prepare ourselves for the moment our habitat changes, so that our reality adjusts softy to the new one. I have the certainty that if the changes were to happen, each of us will see them reflected according to their inner self, beliefs system and programming. Those who vibrate in love and light, who basically do not choose fear as leitmotiv of their lives, will feel a change for the better, as if moving from a small apartment to a luxurious flat. Quite the opposite will happen with those who vibrate with fear and its facets (anger, rage, vengeance, resentment, hate, etc.) as main part of their character, as they will simply see these qualities reflected.

We have 3 years left. Remind me (if my blog still exists) to talk about it, later on.