The archetypes of ego


Trying to determine what the “ego” exactly is and how it affects us and influences us on our day-to-day reality is an eternal discussion itself. Our personality, composed of multiple facets and sub-characters, is a complex mesh of feelings, thoughts, behaviours, fears and all kinds of emotions. Each of us in every moment of our lives, are forced to bring out a part of us to “manage” or handle that situation in which we are involved. Being our brave “me”, our wise “me” or our advisory “me”, sometimes we don’t notice those sub-characters that are strongly predominating on us, blossoming according to the circumstances. All those different little inner voices that we hear in our head can be named “the archetypes and masks of the ego”, in reference to the work done by Jung in relation to the humanity’s archetypes, defining several universal roles. Would you like to find out on what degree these archetypes might be present on you? The following test will help you to determine it.

Before starting, let’s talk a bit about the global goal. Each inner voice, each subpersonality, drives us away and keeps us apart of feeling focused, stable, “present” and alert in life, of being the “inner-self” of what we simply are for our personality is a complex group of “programs” that run whenever another “macro-program”, which we name the “ego” tells them to operate and show themselves to the outside world. This exercise and the revelations that it can produce on you must help to observe ourselves and realize how these “archetypes” and characters influence and lead our lives. Is your afraid “I” the main driver to the steps, phases and changes you see in your life? Are you controlled by this sub-character or do you control it as the main “conscious I” present within?


a) you must indicate how exact is the phrase or situation in relation to your character, in a manner that:

  1. Almost never would I describe myself in that manner.
  2. Rarely would I describe myself in that manner.
  3. Sometimes I can describe myself in that manner.
  4. Normally I describe myself in that manner.
  5. Almost always I describe myself in that manner.

b) Answer quickly, your subconscious and first reaction is usually the best and most real answer.

c) Do not skip any line, since such action could invalidate the test results. If you are not sure, answer as you consider the most accurate possible and move forward.


1. I pick up information without making any judgements.

2. I find myself disoriented due to many changes in my life.

3. My personal healing process allows me to help healing others.

4. I have failed to other people.

5. I feel confident.

6. I put aside my fears and do what it is needed to be done.

7. I put other people needs before my own needs.

8. I try to be authentic no matter where I am.

9. When we feel stuck in life, I like to shake it up a little.

10. I get satisfaction by taking care of others.

11. Others perceive me as a fun person.

12. I feel sexy.

13. I truly believe that people do not try to hurt each other.

14. When I was a child, I was not taken care of or I felt victim of the circumstances.

15. Giving makes me happier than receiving.

16. I agree with this phrase: It is better to have loved and had lost than never have loved at all.

17. I embrace life entirely.

18. I keep a sense of perspective by viewing things in a long term.

19. I am in the process of creating my own life.

20. I believe that there are many good ways in which you can look at the same thing.

21. I am not any more that person I thought I was.

22. Life is one sadness after the other.

23. Spiritual help counts amongst my achievements.

24. I find easier doing things for others instead of doing things for myself.

25. I find fulfilment through relationships.

26. People come to me seeking advice and lead.

27. I fear those with authority.

28. I do not take rules seriously.

29. I like helping people to connect to each other.

30. I feel abandoned.

31. I have achieved great goals, sometimes having the feeling of making no effort whatsoever.

32. I have abilities for leadership.

33. I look for ways to improve as a person.

34. I can count on others to take care of me.

35. I prefer to be in charge of the things.

36. I try to find the truth behind illusions.

37. Changing my inner thoughts changes my external reality.

38. I develop resources, human-made or natural.

39. I am willing to take personal risks in order fight for my ideals.

40. I cannot stand idly by while something is going wrong and not question it.

41. I look for objectivity.

42. Often, my presence is a tool for change.

43. I enjoy making people laugh.

44. I use discipline to achieve my goals.

45. I generally feel affection to people.

46. I am good at discovering each other’s talents and assigning them those tasks that suit them better.

47. It is essential to me to keep my independence.

48. I believe that all the things in the world and the people are connected.

49. The world is a safe place.

50. People I have trusted have failed me.

51. I feel hyperactive.

52. I let go those things that are no longer useful to me.

53. I like to cheer up people who seem overly serious.

54. A little bit of chaos is good for the soul.

55. My sacrifice helping others has converted me in a better person.

56. I am calmed.

57. I confront offensive people.

58. I like to transform situations.

59. Discipline is the key to success.

60. Inspiration comes easily to me.

61. I do not live in accordance with the expectations that I have for myself.

62. I have the feeling that a better world awaits for me somewhere.

63. I assume that the people I am getting to know can be trusted.

64. I am experiencing the way to transform my dreams into reality.

65. I know that my needs will be covered.

66. I feel the urge to break something.

67. I try to handle situations with the objective in mind of getting the most benefit for everybody.

68. It is difficult for me to say no.

69. I have much more ideas than time to carry them out.

70. Grass it is always greener on the other side.

71. Important people in my life have failed me.

72. The fact of looking for something is as important as finding it.

Well, this is the end. In the next article, I will explain you how to grade it.

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