Many popular sayings say that without effort there is no reward, or that nothing worthwhile is achieved without time invested, resources, energy, attention, dedication, etc. Something that in the “physical” world is more than true, it is even more true in the “non-physical” world, spiritual, energetic, personal growth, etc., because the efforts are not intended to achieve something external, but to change ourselves. In these issues, the results only come when one consciously decides to go through the arduous path of inner awakening.

Those who follow me on Facebook,Twitter,the blog, in the courses, etc., you see that I’m involved in many topics. But they are not many topics or is not a matter of dispersion or that I am interested in so many subjects that I try to cover a little of everything, but instead my own experience has shown me to separate in, let’s say, three big blocks, the path of personal growth in which I am busy, and therefore, in the way I broadcast and share what I am learning through it.

Radical change of the vision of the game, modification of our mental structures

We cannot start understanding how this game of existence in which we are involved works, if we don’t understand how the game board that we use has been manipulated. This doesn’t mean anything else than breaking the current vision promulgated by social, economic, educational structures, etc. about how reality is out there. The reality “out there” has nothing to do with the reality that the media tells us, our political leaders, those groups that pull the strings. Those who have already gone through this stage and see clearly the manipulation to which we have been subdued, you are tired of seeing that I continue to publish on Facebook articles about the lies of the geopolitical situation in the world, food and health, manipulation of history, economics, etc. Those who are still in the stage of discovering that we have been scammed, you keep asking for more information to be able to break that current vision and to understand better why the things that are happening happen. As a student of the last course of Akashic healing said: “I have been angry with the world because now I have realised how I have been scammed all these years.”

We all go through this first stage of the inner awakening. Discovering that what you thought was real it is not, discovering that absolutely all things that were in one way are really in another manner, it is a shock for some people and it is a natural and gradual process for others. But when you break certain structures, you have two options: close your eyes and not want to see anything else, quietly returning to the illusory dream in which everything is beautiful, or go forward and finish dismantling the vision that we are told about what’s happening on the planet, at all levels, so we can get rid of that control and manipulation as quick as possible.

The process of self-knowledge and internal awakening

But personal, spiritual evolution does not end when a person “awakens” to the reality of the world, but actually does nothing but start. Because it is then when the desire to know more gets activated, especially to know yourself, among other things, because you discover that you have somewhere an impressive latent potential waiting to be activated. You discover that there is a part of you, which we call theHigher Self, which serves as a guide and permanent compass, you discover that meditation is a wonder that you don’t understand how it is not taught at school since elementary, you discover that you have a lot of possibilities of working with entities that we call guides, you discover that your life lessons can be learned without having to suffer with them and that you have a mission to fulfill, chosen by each one of us, to see if we ask for help to reorient a bit and remove us from the energy well where we are on the planet.

And all this in parallel with the above. I never stop investigating and learning how the real world in which I live works, of trying to dismantle the lies of the structures that have been imposed to me and which, by ignorance, I have accepted, so I also have to accept part of my responsibility that the world is as it is. And since all this is part of my personal work, I keep breaking my own vision of the “external” things seeking to understand reality in the most objective way possible, while I continue to work in my self-knowledge and internal awakening acquiring more and more tools (healing, energetic therapies, meditation, etc.).

Thirst for cosmological knowledge

And when the physical reality “third dimension” is more or less understood, you don’t let yourself to be manipulated so easily by physical and non-physical elements, when you have overcame a series of “attacks” of the system for wanting to disconnect from it (and make others too), at least in my case, the thirst for “cosmological” knowledge arises, willing to understand the universe, the Creation, the evolutionary levels, the polarities, other beings, consciences, energies, evolutionary forms, etc. You no longer conform to “low level” sources to explain things to you, because you also have a little bit more developed the intuition that tells you when something is right or when something is misinformation, or when things are mixed, and you have to separate the good information from the bad. The only bad thing about this stage, which is still in parallel with the previous two because once involved in the topic you cannot work alone in one direction, is that there is no turning back. I mean, when you get to see if you’re able to understand metaphysical concepts, esoteric, mystical, spiritual, etc., you have nothing else in your head until you go tying ends and joining together the pieces of tetris that conform the sum of the physical game and the non-physical game of our existence.

A tremendously interesting process

This whole process is quite amusing, even though you go through low mental, psychic, energy moments, etc. When you’re in the first stage, there are occasions that when you have dismantled so many things at once, then you feel “knocked”, and it is hard to re-compose the vision of life with the new information acquired, which is only accepting that one of the many filters and veils that you had has been removed forever. While you are working in the second stage, there are times when you are energetically on the floor, especially if you are healing wounds from the past, trauma, self-generated blockages, things you drag from other incarnations, etc. If you also have to be aware of attacks that we call psychic or energetic, then there are also days that you have a bad time. But as the saying says, “what does not kill you makes you stronger” (or something like that), so everything is part of the same process of growth. And while in parallel you are in the third stage, there are days that there is no way to sleep because you are cogitating trying to understand mentally the concept X or the concept Y, that the time does not exist, that if everything is simultaneous, that if the soul this, that if the parallel dimensions, that if the other. Fortunately, the internal compass that represents the connection with the Higher Self is always there to help, and then the light is turned on, the explanation of things pops up, you get up at two in the morning, you write down everything, you make a scheme, and you’re going to sleep.

And everything will continue like this, until the end of our days, because once you start the arduous path of awakening, there is no turning back.