This technique known as “BlueBox” or the Blue cube, is one of the many ways of shaping the thoughts and consciously visualize things that we want to manifest in the physical plane. In this case, this technique serves to solve, agree or negotiate at a psychic or spiritual level with one or more people, things that we have pending or that we want to manifest in our reality. Let’s explain it with an example.

After relaxing deeply we imagine that we are floating in space, nothing around us, just the emptiness. The darkness envelops us, the stars shine far away, we are not on Earth, we are simply floating in nothingness. A few meters away we can see a huge blue cube floating, large enough to house a meeting of people inside. The cube is bright, intense, it has all those attributes that make it attractive for you.

You approach floating towards the cube and before entering through a small door you will see there you mentally ask the person or people with whom you want to speak to be present inside. So when you enter, those that you want to see will be comfortably waiting for you inside. You can imagine a meeting room, a table with chairs, comfortable sofas, anything that makes you feel comfortable for a conversation.

Notice that in the four corners of the cube there are four beings of light radiating love, energy, good vibes towards you, so that the whole atmosphere is one of relaxation and total harmony. The beings are there to help you in your conversation, they will not interfere.

Sit down with the person/people and explain them why you have called them to the cube: a dispute to solve, a business idea, a plan you want to expose, a pending issue, etc. Explain everything, how you feel, what you want, what you don’t want, what you would like, etc. Then listen if your guests give you feedback, an answer, a word, an image or a feeling.

After having expressed what you had to say, imagine mentally that you and your guests put on paper what has been agreed at this meeting: X and Y decide that the dispute is closed, M and N decide to do this and do that, T agrees that N to do one thing and another, etc. Imagine that you all sign the paper with the precise terms of your agreement and decisions.

Once finished, thank your guests who have come here, thank the light beings for their help and get out of the cube to the outer space.

Then return quietly to your normal waking state. Observe how you feel and pay attention in your life, you will see how you begin to see that what was agreed in the cube begins to manifest in the physical plane, simply because it was put in motion by all of you at physic or energy level and because it was agreed by the projection of all those who were involved. The scenarios that were agreed will start to move from the mental plane towards the etheric and in some time, at the physical reality you will start seeing how they begin to materialise.