Every time we make a diagram to explain the metaphysical theory of Creation, the concept of the Primary Source, sub-sources, frequency planes, divisions at evolutionary levels, etc., we put one thing on top of another, as if they were out, connected, yes, but as if one thing hung from another in an abstract space that would serve as the basis for it.

Of course, we have no other way to represent in two dimensions of a paper and linearly the concepts of higher frequency, higher evolutionary level, higher hierarchy, energy or vibrational dependence, so we have no other way to express it than making cascading drawings or schemes where, at the top, we have the Source or the “Origin of Everything” and then in the lower parts we put what depends on or comes out of that source.


Obviously this representation is not correct, although it is the one that helps us to explain these concepts and to understand each other, but if we want to be a little bit more stricter or just be a little more correct, we have to think that there is nothing that is not inside of Creation and what we draw as “hanging” from something else, is actually “inside” that other thing.

Creation encompasses everything.

We cannot draw creation, but if it is outlined and its representation is evidently an infinite radius circle, a sphere that expands eternally until re-links with itself so that there is nothing left outside the sphere. Initially all this, we could say that it is potential energy at rest, infinite without any manifestation within it.


Then the impulse of this energy-consciousness of self-experimentation leads to create a singularity, a point where this primordial energy, this infinite intelligence begins to create in its own portions of itself that give place to a separation between the region of the unmanifested and the region of “creation”, the generated from where it then expands and creates, from here, all that we can get to know of the Source as such. The Taoists say of this primary Source that “The Tao that can be expressed, which is not the true Tao”, referring to the “manifested” region and the region of the uncreated.


The region of manifestation of Creation

From the infinite energy at rest, it comes the infinite creative energy. It is from here that the different spaces, universes, realities, logos and sub-logos begin to manifest themselves, all contained within the region of the manifested Creation and all of them from the same primary Source, which, for us, is all that we will never would be able to experience and know.


To make it summarized, we will say that from each primary logo or creative portion manifested by the primary source is born a macro portion of reality and existence that we are going to catalog as a universe, and, within that universe, other portions of the creation will take “life” as sub-sources or as logos of a lesser order which we could very well assimilate to our galaxies (even though there are hierarchies and levels among galactic logos, for example, the being that “gives life” to our Milky Way has “born” or has been created by another “being” which, if we could see it, it would be something like another “macro-galaxy” from which smaller galaxies are created.


Thus, from this galactic logos we already reach a level that we can understand a little bit better, the creation within our own galaxy where there are on a lower level, millions of sub-sub-sub-logos which, for us, represent or manifest themselves as suns and stars.


And in this last order of things, planets and satellites appear with a smaller evolutionary order which depend hierarchically on the solar logos to which they belong (the solar system on a physical level where they are located) but where are within the structure of the logos Galactic. If we look at the initial schema of the article, we have cascaded as the different parts of the Creation are born coming out of each other, just like Russian dolls are contained in each other, everything is inside the upper container that gave life to it.

And where are we?

Well, we’re inside the structure of the galactic logo as well. Our SUPRA-BEING, who was born from one of these sub-sources, is within one of the plans of the creation of the sub-source that created it, and from there it performs all its evolutionary journey until it completes the wheel of levels according to the structure of the logos to which it belongs until reuniting and reuniting with its sub-source. We, the humans, being a projection of the SUPRA-BEING in a race that is currently defined as third dimension, have to complete all the evolutionary levels that are within this galaxy to come to reunify with our Source and once we have done that, we may continue to evolve towards the top-level sub-source that created our source and have another evolutionary wheel ahead of us. But that still catches us a long way off.

Like water for fish

When in meditation my guides or my higher Self “tried” to explain all this of the creation to me, an analogy came to me which I am more than convinced that you have ever heard about it. Imagine Creation as the ocean, as potential for calm energy which suddenly, by the desire to know itself, it gives freedom, knowledge, self-awareness and free will to all the drops that form the same ocean so each of those drops is a self-conscious portion formed by the energy and consciousness of the same ocean. Some drops are bigger, let’s say there are blocks of water that allow the possibility of smaller water droplets passing through and experimenting with other drops. But everything is still within the ocean, and the ocean as a whole learns of itself by the experiences which each of its drops obtain by going from one place to another, by coming out of one portion of the ocean and going into another, by joining together with more drops, by melting into larger portions of water, or by dissolving into smaller and smaller drops and by dividing up in order to experience and study itself better.

And that ocean has different levels of depth, it has warmer, deeper, more crystalline waters. And there are different levels of experience if the drops come closer together or if they come apart. There are parts of the ocean where there is more light and parts where there is more darkness, but everything is still part of the whole. And fish are like the beings of creation that experience the ocean. For a fish, water is creation, there is nothing that does not belong to creation as for a human being everything around us is part of Creation and has come from the Source. And the fish may decide to descend to water levels where it is colder or there is less light or swim to warmer or clearer waters, but it will always move through the confines of creation because there is no way out of it.

In short, although we keep putting things in diagrams on top of each other, everything is actually contained within that which precedes it in the order of the manifested Creation, so there is no need to look to the sky to seek the Source because the source is everywhere and there is nothing that is not part of the Source, even that which seems to go against it, to deny it or to want to destroy it are part of the experience of Creation knowing itself.