The collective conscience of the "grays"


I suppose you’ve all seen an image of the typical dwarf extraterrestrial, with a big head popularly known as “the grays”. They even go out in cartoons, so somehow we all have that image in mind as the “space visitors”. This breed is said that it is interacting with our planet since the 40s or 50s, and are responsible for a large part of the abductions, mutilations of animals, and other things of which better not to find out. However, the interesting thing is not only to know what they do on a “physical” level, but actually “what they are”.

Has each of these “grays” have a Higher Self, a consciousness or entity that is incarnating, evolving and learning through the physical form that we know as “gray” as we do as humans?

Collective awareness

Several reports of military ex-commanders who participated in projects and agreements with the little men of Zeta Reticulí, speak of having a collective conscience, like a swarm of bees that all respond to the orders implanted in the collective unconscious of the race, and that makes them not being able to react “individually”. What they say is that their hierarchical structure, way of acting, reacting, etc., prevents any voluntary initiative. Everything is done, thought and carried out from the guidelines imposed on the collective matrix of thoughts of these beings. It is also said that one of the ways to “fight” them, at least if you’re someone who works on projects with them (whatever this means) is to try to confront them with arguments that can break the pattern of collective thought so that they can not react to situations in which they must first “ask” the collective conscience of the group to know what to do.

The “spiritual” aspect of the grays

Well, to the point. Does each of these ETs really have a soul, a projection of a Higher Self that uses that physical vehicle for its learning? Two sources to try to find out. The first, a study by the Far Sight Institute, of which we have already spoken, that is a group of researchers who use remote viewing to “tune in” temporal lines of events, probable futures, sites and situations, both geographically and temporally, and of course, other “blueprints of reality”. The second, the Akashic Records, with which I have tried to find and understand a little more about this group.

Basically the answer is that no, each of the “gray individuals” is not a projection of a Higher Self, they are a projection of a unique supra-entity, similar to an animal-group soul of our planet. It’s like a super conscience, an entity of “superior dimensions” oriented to service to oneself at least for what they call the “short grays”. That is to say, everything that this entity “does” is oriented towards its own “benefit”, and therefore, everything that the grays do, is oriented towards their own service, without any contemplation for collateral damage that this may cause in other beings. Apart from that, we need to mention that they seem to be under the control of another races, such as the one called “annunakis” by the sumerians, so they hardly can escape their control and manipulation by higher groups.

Negative awareness of self-service

So, in that sense, the entity or supra-soul that controls and gives life to the collective consciousness of the grays is based on fear and control, and in all negative forms of emotion and thought associated, as well as in the survival and love for oneself. If our Higher Self were to meet or interact with this macro entity, it would be like facing an impressive (and self-conscious) cluster of energy that only works for their survival and to obey orders from others. It is one of the reasons that channeling my own Higher Self, the answer to whether it had ever “connected” with this other soul group, has been something like “not even joking”.

So, well, it’s interesting to understand them a bit more, because with everything that we can read about them it is difficult to get a full picture of what this species are, and why they act as they act (or as they tell us they act). There is always an awareness with a motivation behind any physical form, human or not, although some choose the path of evolution of service to others, and others the service to oneself. I guess sooner or later, we will all arrive at the same place.

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