The compendium of beings and morphic fields that form the planet Earth


When we want to get in touch with the energies of our planet we usually refer to it as Kumar, Pachamama, Gaia or Gaea, although Gaia’s name as such is not a “real” name, but the name coined four decades ago by the writer William Golding, friend of James Lovelock, author of the theory that visualizes the Earth as a self-regulated system that counts where the name of his hypothesis comes from:

“It emerged in the 1960s when writer William Golding, who later won the Nobel Prize and many other prizes, was a neighbor and friend of Lovelock. Both lived in Bowerchalke, some 20 kilometers southwest of Salisbury in southern England. They often talked about science in their walks through town or at the local bar, the Bell Inn. In 1968 or 1969, during a walk, Lovelock told his hypothesis to Golding who was very receptive, because unlike most literates, he had studied physics in Oxford and fully understood the science of reasoning. He was enthusiastic and said: “If you intend to present an idea of that caliber, I suggest that you give it a name of that caliber, I suggest that you give it a proper name: I propose Gaia”.

“Lovelock loved the suggestion. It was a word not an acronym, and by that time he saw the Earth as something alive, at least insofar as it seemed to regulate its own climate and its own chemistry. Few scientists are familiar with the classics, and they do not know that Gaia was also called ‘Ge’. Ge, of course, is the prefix of the sciences of geology, geophysics and geochemistry. For Golding, Gaia, the goddess who imposed order over chaos, was the appropriate name for a hypothesis about the Earth’s system that regulated its climate and chemistry to maintain habitability.”

Origin of the name that almost everyone uses where many of us consider that the planet as such, the Earth, contains only one “being” or consciousness that makes of “planetary spirit”, that is to say, the equivalent to the spirit of a human being that uses a physical body for its evolution, being Kumar (the name that uses the Earth for the same thing). However, this is not entirely accurate, since the description of the planet that hosts us at the level of the consciousnesses that form it is much more complex and is not a single “being” or “planetary soul” but, there are really several “beings” or major consciousnesses where all together form the whole of the small wonder in which we live.

The planet is a being composed by multiple essences

If we were to define the composition of our planet Earth, (whose global name would be Kumar, for it is the name that reflects the total vibration of the planet as a set of energies and essences that compose it, as we will now see), we could break it down into different beings or consciences (or self-conscious morphic fields, as you prefer to call them) that form the total of the Earth’s “being” or planetary soul. And these are as follow:

1) The energy or matrix of the nucleus: the core of our planet is the iron at the physical level, and as such, has a certain vibration and level of consciousness, but the energy matrix of the planet is much older than the physical part we know. Many times, if we really wanted to refer to the most essential consciousness on Earth, we would have to refer to this self-conscious field. The creation of the Earth, like any other planet, is first done at an energy level, as if it were a baby in an incubator where the energy matrix is formed to then attrac that planet to life. The creation of this nucleus or matrix was the responsibility of beings and entities that catch us from very far away, evolvingly speaking, but who created the planet as a great evolutionary project eon of time ago. This consciousness or base matrix is the first “being” that conforms the Earth’s “planetary soul.” So when one wants to root well to the planet, from the first chakra or from the feet, one can consciously connect with the energy of the planet’s core and anchor to it. I usually visualize that I put the roots of my energy system in this nucleus, asking permission to feel the direct connection with the consciousness of our planet.

2) The spirit of the seas: our planet is formed by the combination of energies of the four main elements and one of them is the energy and consciousness of water. The sea, the rivers, the oceans, the lakes, etc., have a being, a spirit, a life with one can communicate as shamans, Native American Indians or simply people who are able to connect with that being/awareness. The self-conscious morphic being/field of water is a consciousness with its own right of existence on the planet and that coexists in perfect harmony with the rest. Its name is an unpronounceable vibration by our vocal cords, the same situation as with the other main beings of the other elements.

3) The spirit of the wind: air, like water, is another element and primordial energy on Earth, it is a self-conscious being with the one you can interact just as we interact with any other energy. It is another of the main consciousnesses of the planet responsible for the creation of all layers of the atmosphere, clouds and everything we see between the physical plane and the heterosphere.

4) The spirit of fire: the third element and important self-conscious morphic field. Another being that has a life of its own and governs the fire physical element and that manifests itself on our planet. Responsible for the energies that move volcanoes when lava flow on the outside or inside of the planet.

5) The spirit of flora, trees and plants: fourth element, awareness of the earth with lowercase, group awareness of the biosphere, is the sum of the morphic fields and awareness of the species of minerals, trees and plants that exist on Earth. Connecting with Gaia, to keep the name coined by Lovelock, is to connect with nature, but not by calling Gaia you will have response from the spirit of the sea or you will be able to communicate with the wind. Each being has its domains and what we all call Gaia, is but the sum of consciousnesses of the planet’s flora and mineral kingdom. The genetic morph fields of each plant, tree, rock or mineral are located in the middle-high area of one of the mental subplanes (depending on the type of species), while the being that “governs” them all is on the mental plane.

6) Elementals: the previous four main elements, such as creative and conscious beings, generate etheric forms that are responsible for the protection, care and life in the physical part of the corresponding element. The spirit of the air is the creator of the forms and elemental beings we call sylphids, responsible for the care of the air. The spirit of water is the creator of ondines and nymphs, etheric entities that watch over the good of the waters of the Earth. The spirit of the earth element is the creator of what we know as goblins, gnomes, elves, fairies, etc., that I know that many will sound like A myth, legend or that we have seen many films of the Lord of the Rings. Finally, the spirit of fire is responsible for the creation of what we know as salamanders, the elementals of fire (not physical animals). All these consciences are part of the “planetary soul” or Kumar, as we have called it before with own rights, voice and vote on what happens on Earth.

7) The great spirit of animals: another great being, one of the most important consciences that encompass and is the sum of all the consciousnesses of all the group minds of all animal races on the planet. With this being I had an interesting encounter in a regression that I it will narrated by me in the first part of the articles “The Gardeners of the Earth”, something that changes forever the way see and perceive the intelligences that are behind the fauna of the Planet.The “being” that governs the morphogenetic fields of animals is found at the level of what we call the mental plane, in the region of archetypes from where “molds” or “pure” ideas of what is then manifested on the physical plane are created. The individual consciousnesses of each race, e.g. the collective unconscious of deer or penguins, are on the highest sub-plane of the mental plane. All animals, except some species, such as dolphins or whales, have their collective unconscious at this level, the latter two for example, their collective unconscious is in the lower part of what we call the atmic plane, which would become the entrance to a level of consciousness greater than ours. Although it seems the opposite, the collective unconscious of most species of flora, has a higher vibration than most animal species.

8) The ether or Akasha: the energy of the ALL that amalgamates the rest. Of course, the energy of EVERYTHING is present in each and every planetary system as part of the “soul” of it, as part of the energy that unites and connects all beings with each other.

The human being

And if we have described the set of beings that form the soul or consciousness of this planet that we call Earth, we now lack to include yet another more global being or consciousness, our own. Obviously human beings with our group morphogenetic field or collective unconscious are another large self-conscious energy mass that travels in the same boat as the rest of beings i told you above. The collective unconsciousness of the human race moves between the lowest planes of the mental plane, those with a lower level of consciousness and the higher planes of this same region, those who possess a somewhat higher development. Even so, we have to understand that we are only ONE more of the different beings and consciousnesses of the planet, we are not the most important, we are not the most special, but we are one of the species on a physical level and with one of the consciousnesses at the energy level who are part of this varied ecosystem that travels through space with the peculiarity that we have enormous potential to influence, damage or care for the rest of beings and fellow travelers, with which, unfortunately, out of ignorance or for neglect, we are having a lousy relationship.

Remember that if the rest of beings and consciousnesses wanted to turn the tortilla over, another very different situation would have the human being on this planet than he is having at the moment, but for the rest of the main beings, we are like children who are learning and growing, and we are forgiven and tolerate many behaviors by the fact that we are an evolving race that has to take responsibility for their actions with respect to the home in which they live. Fortunately, little by little more and more people are learning to take into account that we are not the only ones who travel on this ship and enjoy the connection, energy and collaboration with the rest of consciousnesses and beings that conform the whole of the being we call Kumar, and that at planet level is our home, the Earth.

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