When the movie ‘The Matrix’ was released, it revealed a scenario where we all lived in a projection created to maintain a system of control over the population, only a few stopped to think that this could be more than a good Hollywood trilogy. But little by little, over the years, with the publications, experiences and research of many of those who are in that Matrix, the thing really looks differently.

Four numbers

Statistically, through pure mathematics, in a “normal” world, events, actions, situations, experiences, etc., should lead to obtaining approximately the 50% of positive events and the 50% of negative events. If humanity itself, as we all seem to do, tend to generate and work to create positive elements in our lives, we could probably live on a planet where the 70-80% of the things that happened were labeled “good things”. However we agree that it is the opposite, right?

One of the reasons for this situation is easily deductible: at some level, our reality and those events are manipulated to cause exactly the opposite of what would happen naturally, a priori, and when one asks where this manipulation comes from, ends inexorably in theories, hypotheses and information on higher densities, entities and other frequency planes.

A model

Sometimes it seems to me that this story is simple and very well known for having repeated it and explained it a thousand times in my books. Even so, I keep writing about it again and again from different angles because it seems that only this way can unlock part of that control we are subjected to. We live in a reality projected by evolutionary levels superior to ours, a matrix that more than generate events on a physical level, it projects forms of thought and “waves” that at the end is all that reality “is”. The projection of this reality is absorbed in the collective unconscious, the energetic cluster to which all humans are hooked and from which “we drink” for the generation of the common reality that we share.

When the collective unconscious and the different levels of perception from which we collect the information about the reality that we must manifest are manipulated and corrupt, with that artificial projection and with the result of the physical reality that we know, we are not even close to the result of the physical reality that, by nature, we should project.

This Matrix is ​​a very well designed reality, it keeps all of us in it without knowing we are in it. It plays perfectly with the parameters and the co-creator power of the human being, we only have to capture the projected energetic “waves” and transmute them into the level of the chakras and project them into the level of the mental body (thoughts, ideas, beliefs) and to the level of the emotional body (emotions, feelings), that generaThat we are co-creators is a fact, that the material raw they give us to create is completely distorted is another thing. It is possible to generate at an individual level small portions of the reality we want to manifest, but it is almost impossible to do on a macro scale.

Exit from this control system

it seems almost impossible to escape from this control system because we are on it and it encompasses us from everywhere, but let us not forget that apart from this level from we are being manipulated, there are others, and we also exist on them at the level of the Higher Self, that is our non-incarnate part. So, we have an escape route in the development of this connection with ourselves, the partial cancellation of the influence of the collective unconscious and, therefore, the possibility of partially escaping from the manipulation of the game where we are involved.

Many months ago I had a dream which I explained in this article that perfectly portrayed this situation. The escape route is easy, without guards, without blockages, but they do everything possible so that we can’t find it and get distracted with all kinds of entertainment. Knowledge protects, gives alternatives and brings options, and the more we know about the world we live in, the easier it is to modify it and prevent it from modifying us.