In each course of the Akashic Healing technique I teach I begin by explaining, for several hours, more or less “abstract” or sometimes even “philosophical” concepts about the origin, precisely, of what we know by the Akashic Records, our Higher Self, the system of evolutionary levels where we exist, the evolutionary paths from when we are “born” as an entity to our “reintegration” with the “Everything”, etc. These concepts give us a basis on the spiritual laws and the philosophy of the reality in which we exist.

Personally, I find it fascinating to investigate all these concepts, how were created all the different frequency levels we are evolved in? How was decided what kind of experiences or qualities would have each one of us? Why are the evolutionary stages structured in octaves and sub-octaves? It is difficult to find answers in “terrestrial” sources, even at the Higher Self level we are only capable to transmit certain information at a certain level, and sometimes we resort to channeling with entities that supposedly are of a higher evolutionary level and check if what they tell us, fits in.

The creation of this octave, and the evolutionary process in our galaxy

Fortunately many of the entities that work as spiritual guides or that after passing through this dimension and higher ones, “lend themselves to return” to convey little things, agree on basic things that makes us suppose they are correct. I always try to confirm it later with my own HS because the information that can be obtained from higher levels, it is not always easy due to the difficulty of the concepts we try to understand.

The creation of this octave of planes and dimensional levels where we are in, precedes to the result of “the graduation” of those “things”, energies or entities that come from a lower evolutionary octave.This is the maximum information I have come to know. The entity that gives “life” to our galaxy, the one we call a “galactic logos” (being the “cosmic” Logos the entity or consciousness that “gives life” to our universe) is the responsible one for the generation of the different frequency levels available for the evolution of those who chose it for that purpose.

The first sub-sub-logos (divisions of the “galactic logos”, entities that “give life” to stars and suns like ours), began their evolutionary process starting from the center of the galaxy. That is to say, the growth opportunities initially started in the solar system closest to the center of the Milky Way.

Free will and polarity

These first sub-sub-logos incarnated in stars and suns set the bases for evolution in their own system of planets, although initially, as I understand it, they did not generate evolutionary paths that included free will and polarity or duality in their system. That is to say, a Higher Self incarnating in one of the planets of one of the first solar systems formed when our galaxy was created and when the different frequency levels were put in motion for the evolution of these HS they had neither free will nor knowledge of duality or polarity as rules of the game in the systems where they “entered” or join with the present forms of life to coordinate their evolution.

Expansion, duality and free will

As the galaxy logos expands with its own growth thanks to the experience acquired by its sub-sub-logos (the galaxy would expand from our point of view), the entities that give “soul” to the new solar systems begin to understand that it is possible to generate in each of the different densities the options of service to others and service to oneself as an evolutionary path and also that it is the free will that allows any entity to decide which path they want to choose.

Our evolutionary system in our solar system

The further we move away from the center of the galaxy, the more evolutionary options we have because the new sub-sub-logos that incarn in the “new” solar systems know and bring with them the experience of their “elder brothers”, those entities that incarnated in the systems that were created just at the beginning of the evolutionary cycle of the Milky Way. This creation takes place from the center to the outside, so if we ever have to look for “races” extremely more advanced than us, they will probably be closer to the central nucleus of the Milky Way (simply by application of this evolutionary theory).

Thus our Sun, the entity that spiritually would be the soul of the star that gives us life, from the first moment chose an evolutionary system of free will, dual and with highly polarized dimensions, either towards service to others or towards service to oneself. And it is what has been implemented on our planet, because Kumar is not but a part, a planetary logos, the soul of the Earth, which is governed by the designs of his “Higher Self”, the Sun.

The cycle of evolutionary levels and their qualities

The dimensions or evolutionary levels that compose our octave have, each one of them, some qualities of the different chakras, something that in a general level, corresponds to the different basic frequencies that form these planes.

We say that our third dimension is related to the generic qualities of the third chakra, and this is where one of the hardest works is done at the level of the Higher Self, being the end of a stage that corresponds to the most “basic” levels of growth, since entering the next reality and level, the fourth, which we associate with lessons and learnings related to the characteristics of the fourth chakra, we leave behind the hardest stage of our growth process.

The same thing happens to us. The first three chakras are much more “earthly” or “basic” (not less important), the fourth acts as a bridge, and from the fifth to the seventh one, they are the most spiritual (and not less important, either). The same happens to us with our “classes” at school through which we are transiting.

It is in this third dimension where we are, that at the level of the Higher Self, we choose a drastic polarity, the service to others or the service to oneself to enter into the next one, the choice that we will probably keep in a hypothetical step until the fifth grade, and that it may continue for the rest of the octave.

When the disappearance of the polarities takes place? A priori, according to some channelings (in the Law of One and in “The Only Planet of Choice” of PHYLLIS V. SCHLEMMER for example) it is from a possible sixth density when this happens. Meanwhile, in our next level of existence we are going to find ourselves or in a highly positive environment, or in a highly negative one (a priori, I have not seen any HS that has told me in a reading that it chooses the negative polarity as an evolutionary path for 4D, of course, it is not the HS that comes to the readings either).

So if we are in this environment (different dimensions, with the possibility of free will, and with the option of choosing polarity) it is because our SUN had the opportunity to decide how to generate the “game board” that is our solar system, and what spiritual rules “imposed” on us who have decided to come here to spend some time on Earth, one of its planetary spheres managed by him. Supposedly all those sub-sub-logos that incarnate in our galaxy and that are not the “pioneers” who started with the central nucleus of the same the game of evolution, do the same.