The different levels of the subconscious


Whenever in a healing I encounter problems in the subconscious of the person, traumas, phobias, buried fears, etc., it is almost impossible to try to understand, where or how, within that subconscious, are buried, hidden or stagnant blocked energies that manifest themselves as those problems. In these aspects I guess “every little master has its own little book “, as the saying goes, so for at least I know, for myself, at least the level of depth on which I am working on, I have divided into three areas that “area” of our mind, which , at the energetic level, is one of the six mental spheres that we all possess and which forms the whole of our psyche.

The tip of the iceberg

I’m sure you’ve heard about the iceberg as an analogy to explain the relationship between the conscious mind and the subconscious. The part of our mind that is above the waterline is the logical, conscious, rational mind. Here is the information that is processed by its content and that comes from our senses, the decisions, the connections with the memory banks of the mental body, the mental processes, the filters that we put to the information that we collect from the outside, the ego programs, our automatic “reactions”, etc.

The sunken part of the iceberg: the subconscious

But the fun and really “powerful” part of our being starts just below that waterline. Here, underlying, on a slightly deeper level of consciousness, is where they begin to register other types of energies and potentials that can only be accessed when the conscious mind and its processes are “quiet” or “light weight”, so that the waterline of the iceberg gets lower and what was formerly submerged can then arise above the water. When this happens, it is when we can awaken some immanent capacities in all of us, but of which we are not aware, because our “conscious” does not register them or do not incorporate them into their “day-to-day”. For example, the ability to perceive the aura or to work energetically “seeing” is a capacity that we all have, but it is just below the standard people’s floating line in the highest part of the subconscious, but by below the level at which “rationally” can be activated. It is also at this level the ability to manifest reality on a subconscious level and other easily “awakened” potentials (relatively).

Different levels

Almost all of us, when we agree to heal memories, problems or certain fears in the subconscious, we are working on what I call the “middle” subconscious, and in the “Deep” subconscious (both the subconscious mental sphere and the subconscious layer of the mental body has many or different levels of depth for data storage. But one point is access to heal, and another to “connect” or get the logical or tonal mind to consciously record what lies in there. Here, personally, I believe that some potentials or a part of our being are hidden that in some way must be related to the full integration Higher Self – Soul – Subconscious and Conscious Mind, is an impression, because I do not know.

If ever the conscious mind is able to communicate well and draw above the water what is in the light subconscious, we will have agreed to an impressive potential that we will manifest in the “real” world, of the senses, something that gives you access, from another plane of reality, but manifested in the “physical” plane, to the abilities that we have latent of other incarnations. If we ever reach through a cleansing work and probably deep meditation, access or connect with the middle subconscious, the experiences, potentials and capacities that become awakened would be surprising by the accumulated knowledge that we have in that part of our psyche.

Many levels of reality

The intriguing thing is that every part of us, especially our subconscious, not only influences our day to day through the logical and rational mind, and our energetic system (aura, chakras, subtle bodies etc.) through the connections with the planes of reality, but they are part of a world that we do not see but that exists there, on another frequency level. It is not the etheric, astral or mental planes, it is not what we also call the new reality or new evolutionary level. It is purely 3D, physical environment, but outside the threshold that the tonal, in the world of the senses, perceive normally, and it is a wide world of exploration that opens to all those who delve into their self-knowledge and personal growth, because in fact you do not have to go too far away (speaking about frequencies) to begin to realize that the multidimensionality in which we live has much to teach us yet.

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