On the second level of the Akashic Healing course, we have spent a lot of time explaining that many people on this planet come from many parts of the Creation and that, those who are “wanderers”, who have come with a specific mission should wake up to it as soon as possible, otherwise will spend their lives “asleep” and when the physical body dies, there is a feeling of not have taken advantage of this incarnation, because you have not known how to awaken to your true purpose.

When some of the students during the self-readings discover that they are “wanderers” (here is what a wanderer is), in some of them, there is a feeling of relief because finally there is a logical explanation and a basis that allow them to understand something that they carried inside and felt all the time without even being able to name it.

That is an interesting first step that allows you to gain inner peace and peace of mind. Well, I know I am a soul that came to help but I know we are millions of them (so you do not feel so special either). Now what? You have lived with this for a long time and it is very good to notice and to know that you have a background before the first time you incarnated on this planet, but it is just theoretical knowledge that supports an inner feeling. You are inside the life system of this planet, you use a human body, and you play with the same rules that every native soul plays. You don’t remember anything, your amnesiac veil prevents it, and you have to go through and complete lessons and experiences generated through your actions, your karma, and also deal with the karma and the system of the family of each incarnation that you are experiencing, pointing out that you have to go closing ends trying not to mess it up so much so you don’t get too entangled in the vortex of “physical” life and be attentive to anything that can make you “wake up”, so you can remember what was your initial reason for your first and subsequent visits, your entry into this game.

And time goes on…

So incarnations happen one after another and you generate more and more entanglements at the physical level that have to unravel, completed, balanced or experimented. And it passes life afterlife where you don’t advance one iota in the mission or purpose that originally you thought about before incarnate here. While you do not remember all this, this thing doesn’t have much relevance, this is the way life is and this is how it should be lived. Those are the rules of this planetary system, although they are not the same as those of the place where you came from.

The problem begins when you start to remember, really remembering, and reliving your periods between lives, in my case, as I mentioned in the previous article, through regressive therapy. Yesterday, after another session with a friend with whom we are doing this research, I lead her into therapy to get a little more information about her work, because she is also a wanderer, so I was asking her questions to understand how other wanderers experience their entrances and exits in the incarnation process, and discovering that it’s the same that I live when I am the one who is remembering and reliving the whole process.

The dilemma: mission vs. experiences

One of the things we were discussing after the session is that it can be tremendously frustrating for a wanderer to come out of an incarnation and realize that he or she has done nothing of their original purpose. I experienced it in my process of reviewing my past life. When I left behind my physical body and I cross the tunnel, I was fully aware that I had “wasted” (and this is the real feeling I had) a whole life. Just as I felt when leaving the physical suit, the body, due to the process of the amnesiac veil, the process of not knowing who I was and not having understood or remembered what I was doing, I remember being completely sorry and annoyed with myself.

For example, when reviewing “my work” in some kind of dialogue with another soul/being/entity that supported me, it was like this:

S (the terapist): And what happens in that talk?

David: Well … we talked about how it went … but it seems I haven’t done too well. I consider it an incarnation a little wasted … but sometimes it goes well and sometimes it does not.

S: And what does he answer?

D: That is ok. That I have nothing to worry about. That it was a hard little bit mission.

S: How is the interview going by now?

D: He asks me what I wanna do. But I don’t know.

S: What do you answer?

D: I do not feel like going back really. I have some kind of annoyance and fatigue.

S: And what do you decide to do if you are not coming back?

D: I think to rest for a while and study…

S: And what are those studies about you wanna do?

D: [laughing….] Ha, about how to talk in public… that is what I missed doing in my past life I suppose.

S: It is like studying something that you failed to learn, so you can try it again?

D: Yes, it has to do with communication and expression…

S: So, that is what you have failed? Have you failed in expression, in communication, in public speaking …?

D: Yes, on transmitting people the concepts I had to transmit…

S: So that is what you are going to dedicate your time now? To study those aspects to improve them? Is that correct?

D: I haven’t decided yet… it will be fine to do it but I don’t feel like doing that either…

This sensation in regression of have wasted time for not awaken before was tremendously clear and lucid for me.

We know who we are, a little while…

In some other regression, I could understand that a wanderer can maintain the consciousness lucid of who he is during some years, I can only speak of myself, in another regression I was aware of being an “alien” soul inside a physical body for about 7 years.

S (the terapist): How are those first months of life?

D: I have to let the body grows.

S: During the first months there is some significant event that marks you?

D: No… there is a lot of calm.

S: Do you feel loved and protected by your parents?

D: I think they are not conscious that I am conscious…

S: But have you been a wanted boy?

D: I don’t know, the physical body I think so… I have chosen this body because it was the one that suit me better… I think I don’t have any… it never existed a contact with the parents.

S: Do you have any karma with these two souls? With your father and mother?

D: No

S: Is this the first time you incarnate with them?

D: Yes

S: Good, we go well, now we advance a little bit more, now you are two years old. What happen?

D: I learn how to walk… it goes so slow.. come on.. this evolution is very slow!

S: Are you still aware of who you are?

D: Aha…

S: There is not an amnesic veil?

D: No….

S: Have you starting to talk?

D: No…

S: You already are two years old and you still don’t speak?

D: Some words.. the body goes at its rhythm

S: Do you feel disconnected from this body?

D: Aha…

S: Do you feel some kind of concern?

D: Impatience

S: Do you interact with other children of the same age? Do you have any friends?

D: I think I have a brother but I’m not sure…

S: An older or a younger one?

D: I don’t know… is like if I didn’t get to integrate myself into the body.

S: Do you still have a high level of consciousness of who you are and what you came for?

D: Aha…

S: What have you come to specifically?

D: To work…

S: What kind of job?

D: To.. wake up humanity…

S: Does your job consists of waking up humanity?

D: Yes…

S: And being on a two-year body, are you very conscious of that?

D: Aha…

Then as the regression progresses, you fully integrate into the physical body and forget absolutely everything of the rest of the incarnation.

Dealing with karma and the family system you are with

So in each review of the process between lives, we realize that there is nothing bohemian for a soul/being/entity coming from outside to give some help (I mean that for that entity it is not something usual because it carries a great load and a big weight). It is tremendously hard, arduous and sometimes a little bit frustrating job because you have to deal with things that do not have to do with your original mission, but you can not avoid them since they are part of the system that you are trying to help. Our own accumulated karma and the karma of the family system are two of the most influential things that make us lose more time when we have nothing to learn from that anymore. I mean wasting time because you have already gone through all the 3D lessons and completed everything you are living again. It is like going back to study math of primary school when you are supposed to come to change the school from the top to the bottom. It is ok to remember and review the mathematics again and all the learning of this density, because when a wanderer volunteers he knows he will have to do it all over again and he accepts it with pleasure (nobody is forced to incarnate if he does not want to!), but my understanding is that many times you suppose it will be easy to live all that again like review some “simple” studies while you can dedicate yourself to your true purpose. At least in my case and for what I know about myself until now, it is quite the opposite. Your “3D” studies take away ALL THE TIME of the incarnation, and it does not seem easy for someone to give you a touch and “wake you up” to remind you that you have come to change the school.

In my previous life, for example, something like this happened to me, “something” gave me a touch to “wake up”:

S (the terapist): Go a little further, at the age of 30 … you’re there … what happens? Are you still teaching at school?

David: I’m sitting on a table with somebody that seems to be the director… I guess I’m gonna be kicked out.

S: What is the reason?

D: That I question the official teachings

S: And why you do that?

D: Because I don’t believe them

S: And what is it what you believe?

D: That everything is not correct, but I don’t know… I have to find the truth, truth is not the one that is written in the books…

S: How do you know that is not the truth if you haven’t found another?

D: I feel it. I’m convinced

S: And what do you do? Do you decide to find the truth?

D: Aha

S: How do you do that?

D: I’ve quit school

S: Do you make contact with somebody? Do you look for some other kind of information? How do you know you are obtaining the truth?

D: I have no idea .. meditating I suppose…

S: How do you know about the existence of meditation? Does anyone tell you about it?

D: I think they have come to … I think they have appeared to me since … they have appeared to guide me …

S: How could they do that? Through a dream? How has this been possible?

D: I am perplexed, it is as if it has been some apparition or revelation and now I do not know what to do with that …

S: Do you see the moment just before the apparition? What is happening at this moment?

D:On the one hand, I think I’m on the beach, on the other hand, it is as if there was a teacher … a figure … who is speaking to me from another level … it’s very confusing… as if they were awakening something inside of me.

S: Focus on the teacher. Is he a physical body?

D: No… is an image, like one of those saints we see at the church wearing a tunic and has a beard…

S: But is he an ethereal apparition?

D: I don’t know… he has face, hands, body … but he has nothing from the waist down … he floats …

S: And where are you? Standing, sitting, lying..?

D: I’m looking at the beach, sitting … I’m in meditation, on the beach, and that image appears.

S: And what does that image do?

D: It tells me that remember who I am..

S: Do you… Remember?

D: No … I do not know … I’m stuck …

S: You can not wake up …

D: I can’t get out of this point or see anything, or understand anything by now …

S: You are on the beach, sitting in meditation, an image appears and tells you to remember who you are …

D: Yes but that’s all…

S: Can you go further? How does he wake you up?

D: I gotta have faith … I get up, we leave meditation, and it is as if a new stage of my life begins …

And from there, in that other life, it was when I started doing “the work” that I had come to do, with nuances and with many other personal stories that come through, but at least, something made me “wake up”.

What about you? What have you come to do?

I don’t find any sensation more disappointing than leaving an incarnation and realize that you haven’t been able to do anything that you had planned. It’s great and it’s a constant learning for the soul that goes in and out on remembering and going through certain lessons and experiences again, but that is not the main point of wandering souls. Then, if you already know that you are a wanderer, if you already know that you have a mission but don’t know what it is, I personally recommend a session of regressive therapy, because to me it was the best way to tie things together and start drastically to remember all the details of my “work”.