Our home is an energetic being, whether we believe it or not. The simple fact that we live in it and leave traces of that we constantly emit through our aura and subtle bodies, as well as the energies that those who live with us and those who enter and leave, emit too, and those we collect in other places and later we bring home, all that ends anchored to our home, to any of the objects of our environment, to the “atmosphere” of the house and makes it important to pay more attention than we usually do.

A house, a home, a property has also a story energy behind. The place where we live now may have been a thousand years ago a battlefield, a church, a place of worship, a forest, a swamp, a cemetery or something else. All the remains of energy, which have had enough power to coat that land where our building is now situated and which has not been processed by the planet (which is the place where the energy belongs to) continues to be latent in a greater or lesser degree in the space we occupy.

Different problems

We can find anything in a house. Energetic portals opened to other dimensional planes (usually the astral or etheric layer), used by entities to enter and leave without being perceived by us (children and animals do notice it and will stay staring at all type of entities passing through our kitchen and suddenly disappearing, being this my own experience), also old objects which are charged with the energy of their previous owners, or negative mental thoughts that accumulate inside the house atmosphere and creates a mini–collective unconscious which influences those who live under the same roof.

Most of the times, nothing of this seems to disturb us a lot. In the energy readings of homes, I usually use a numerical rating to value the “negativity” that may exist in the place, and except in extreme cases, all tend to be within 5 and 30, being 100 the highest, and considering that a place is suitable for a relaxed living with an acceptable feeling of up to 45. Even so, those individuals who are more sensitive, soon notice when the atmosphere of a place is clean or more negatively charged, and it may cause them disturbances, as they may take back home the feeling or negative forms which existed in the place they visited. If this is your case, when you go somewhere, simply, give yourself the mental “order” or put the intention that you do not allow any negative type of energies to anchor to your aura, structure or subtle bodies, so that you self-block possible interactions with an environment that in the long run may cause you a block or energy problem, although, most of the times they are minor and we don’t even realize it.

Major sensitivity

I have already commented before that the more you “work” on yourself, the more sensitive you become to these small things. The “cleaner” your energy system is (and healthier), the easier it is for you to notice even a slightest “hook”, even though it may just be a small discomfort (or you may see the effect of the block quickly manifested). It is due to this that in the end you have to turn to all type of tools to protect you or to make regular cleansings to yourself, to carry crystals that help you, etc. It is like food, there are people that start to eat more healthier, and when they eat junk food they get ill, because their body no longer accepts certain food. The same happens with our energy system, and having a healthy home is one of the most important things, to feel, no less than comfortable and relaxed the time we spend in it.