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When, in the reading of an Akashic Healing, we detected a negative entity it doesn’t matter what kind, (astral entities, negative mental entities, etc.) anchored to someone, we put them all in the same sack and we simply expel them and we take them off from that person. However, with experience we will notice there are different ways in which these entities engage, ranging from very subtle to very beastly forms, that is, from simply absorbing the energy we emit from “distance” and safety, “dimensional” that gives the connection from another plane, to the pure “possession” more or less directly, passing simply by being anchored to some of the layers of the aura halfway between a total coupling and an energy absorption at a distance.

Filaments and Threads

The more subtle way to “feed” (these entities feed upon our energy as a means of survival) is to connect to a person by means of filaments, like little hooks on a rope. Energy extensions created from “afar” end up attaching to our auric system, just like “drinking straws”, all they have to do is to take a sip and up goes part of our energy through that filament. In these cases, rather than expelling the entities, what we do is energetically hitting those connections with scissors, breaking the anchor with that person.

A Spider Web

This is nothing to worry about because it is easy to fix. What’s hard to realize is that, in a frequency level just above us, there are all sorts of entities who have spun a big energetic spider web. It’s like a fly being trapped time after time in this web. Therefore, is not necessary for an entity to directly take over our aura, just as we walk about here and there, the aura will eventually brush, or touch, or hook with the myriad filaments hanging like threads from a level above that we can’t see, but with which we “come into contact” energetically speaking. This is how a connection is made by entities on the other side willing to extract the energy produced by emotions, thoughts and the global energetic system. It’s like walking in the street stepping on discarded chewing gum that’s sticking to your shoes, the chewing gum is how you transmit your energy to the ground, with these threads it’s the same except the energy goes “upwards”.

For this reason, when it seems we’re having an undue exchange or coupling with a negative entity or an entity that has anchored on us, we don’t always feel something in particular, at a physical or energetic level, but for sure we have entangled in these fibres and hooks above our heads. An energy cleansing of our house and places where we are can get rid of them, yet the spider web is something global and universal, and all of us, at some point in our lives, have inevitably been connected and disconnected to it, without even being aware of this. Fortunately, becoming aware of the web makes it increasingly difficult for entities of any kind to produce the emotions or energies they feed upon, for knowledge and consciousness is a protection against it. In many cases, there is people who will brush off these filaments and not even be ensnared. Even so, it is always good to know more about the systems under which we live, because it is easier for us to disassemble them.