According to what we were speaking about the influence of negative groups, and how not to let ourselves be “manipulated” to fall onto the generation of emotions which create these energetic fields that nourish them, we said that only when we “wake up” and realize what is there behind all that they want us to believe that happens in the world, we will have managed to destroy somehow the control method in which nowadays is based the entire global power system.

The good news is, this awakening is occurring in a “natural” way, mainly due to the astonishing changes that are occurring to the Sun, Earth and to the entire system as well as to the energetic structure we move around.

The role of the sun in the evolution of consciousness

The spreading of human consciousness and its “awakening” is strongly linked to what we call the “Schumann resonance”, which is the base frequency in which our planet “vibrates”. If I remember correctly, currently we are near 10 or 11 Hz, though 30 years ago we did not exceed from 8 Hz (cycles per second) What does this mean? It means the faster the Earth vibrates, the faster we vibrate, we are less “trapped” into what we perceive as the reality of “five senses”, and it’s easier for us to become aware we are something else than a common physical body (to make it short).

Earth changes are, in turn, strongly influenced by the changes of the Sun. Last years, the increase of the solar activity has been outrageous. Solar storms have skyrocketed in intensity and number to such level they’re responsible for some movements inside the planet, that are causing “natural disasters” (other ones, I personally still believe are provoked, but that’s an opinion for another article , some other day).

Consciousness, DNA and light photons

The energy of life comes from the sun. What we receive from our star is what defines ourselves as living beings, and keeps us under that “status”. The frequencies and the energy that the photons of light bring to our planet are captured by the internal receptors that we all carry within our subtle bodies and energetic components as well as our DNA.

DNA and the different components of our energetic structure have among their functions to decode this information and make or adapt to the human being accordingly, that is, to evolve, as the evolutionary guidelines arrive from the Sun. As we decode the information that comes to us, these small gradual changes take place in us. The “awakening” or spreading of consciousness is the response to a new energy reaching from the solar system, and it’s a process that has no reverse.

Changes in the galaxy

And what’s generating these changes in the Sun? Along other things, new waves of cosmic energy arriving from the center of the galaxy and nearby stars, as our solar system transits across extremely powerful bands of energy.

You already know our solar system isn’t static, we’re not in a fixed temporal-space position in the universe, given we also orbit around the center of the galaxy (orbiting around the Pleiades central core, which in turn orbits around the black hole center of the Milky Way). It’s a cosmic game in which we are a very little component, but at which we are highly affected in all senses, and which in principle will cause a highly positive change in the human race as a whole.

Therefore, sooner or later there will be no possible “manipulation” that may affect us because, thanks to the new informacion coming from the Sun and which we collect and translate through our bodies, our perception of reality will make us see things in a different way.

That we resist or not to this is another issue, but what we call “awakening” is inevitable, despite being slow, and besides the fact it is related to real changes occurring over the entire Universe that leaves no doubt to where we’re “heading to”.