A few days ago we were talking about one of the subtle bodies, the mental body, and discussed how important it is to understand the reality surrounding us. Today we are going to discuss another subtle body, the etheric body, and its critical relationship with the health of the physical body.

Protection Against Disease

The etheric body is one of the first barriers we have against everything around us, both physical and energetic. It’s the first of subtle bodies that we possess, and it is part of the so called external systems, those persisting after we die, albeit temporarily. This etheric body is evidently the first to fade and dissipate when the body dies, delivering the emotional / astral and the mental bodies to continue their journey through the higher planes in search of the path to return to the oversoul.

When the etheric body is in perfect condition, it’s like a shield that prevents and partly averts, if not completely, anything coming in contact with us, such as viruses and bacteria (negative energies) hanging around wherever we go. Clearly, any tear, crack or wearing in this body results in external elements “entering” our system and making us sick (obviously, for illnesses with an external origin).

Loss of Protection

There are many things that may weaken this powerful shield, among others, our state of mind, our internal energy and vitality, our emotions and quality of thoughts, etc. A good energetic set of Chakras + Aura + Subtle bodies working at full capacity are like a health bullet-proof vest protecting us no matter what plagues or viruses come our way. However, the slightest malfunction in this system, the etheric body in particular, represent an opportunity for what’s out there to sneak in.

Like many things, there are no magic formulas to keep it 100% effective, but a good management of our emotions and thoughts, working with them in a positive manner, will go a long way in doing the maintenance job necessary to avoid becoming like colander for the viruses swarming out there.