At this time of the year, almost ending another one, it is typical to plan the desires and objectives to fulfill, in addition to revising what we have fulfilled in this year that it’s ending in a couple of days. I suppose for many, the desire for things to go better economically is quite included in that list, so if we want the energies of abundance to flow more easily to our reality, one of the first things to consider is the state of our first Chakra.

Blockages for the manifestation of infinite abundance

I have to say that this that I’m telling you I learned it “backwards” and from experience. I know the whole theme of chakras for having read and studying them, and for having seen its functions and effects on energy readings and healings, but I only realized the importance of the first chakra in the blockages to the energy of abundance when I started making healing therapies for specific situations, in which I was asked for example to find possible problems that would prevent a person from attracting more customers, make your business work better, improve your economic situation, etc. In all the cases in which the economy was implicit as a problem, the blockages appeared in the first Chakra: hooks, negative ways of thinking, imbalances, infra-functioning of the chakra, etc. So, the conclusion was not very difficult to find, this chakra is vital for the proper processing and manifestation of that infinite energy that gives us the material resources of our life.

An important chakra

The first chakra is usually not the most attention-grabbing in our lives, usually we are concerned with the higher chakras like the fourth or the sixth (heart or third eye) that seem to have more relative importance for most of us, despite of being all the basic energy that connects us to the world in which we live begins processing in the first chakra. The energies for “physical things” are governed by this center, the connection with the planet and the sense of security and belonging to the environment and the society in which we exist, but also everything related to what we associate with the economic abundance. It Is unlikely that a chakra opened to 100% will attract us the jackpot of the lottery, but it is true that a partially blocked chakra removes any manifestation of material abundance in most cases. Almost all of us are always in an intermediate state, so we don’t give too much importance to the ups and downs that can happen around our “material” situation.

Cleansing and Maintenance

In any case, and if you are interested in unlocking that which may prevent this chakra from properly processing those energies of abundance you only have to resort to any of the ways that exist to work with it: gems or crystals, sound, color therapies, energetic healings, etc. It works for me pretty well, you notice the effects and that is a sign that the cleansing have taken place and have worked.