A popular story taken from the book “The Success of the Lazy”

A rich businessman from New York went to spend a vacation for a couple of weeks to a paradisiacal beach in Costa Rica. On the first day of his vacation he was impressed by the quality and taste of an exotic fish he bought from a local.

The next day, the American ran into the fisherman at the dock, but the fisherman had already sold all his fishing, however he started a conversation with the fisherman and discovered that the fisherman knew a fishing ground he kept in secret where the fish was abundant and of great quality. However, it only caught five or six pieces of fish per day.

The businessman asked the fisherman why he did not stay longer at sea to catch more fish:

– Sir – replied the fisherman – because I stay in bed until nine or ten in the morning, I play with my children, I go fishing for a few hours, in the afternoon I take a nap, in the evening I have a quiet dinner with my family and at night time I go out to town to drink wine, play the guitar and sing along with my friends. I have a relaxed, satisfying, full and happy life.

The American replied:

Yes, but if you catch much more fish, you will be able to build a more prosperous future. Look, I’m a businessman and I can help you to be very successful in life. I know a lot about business and marketing. What you have to do is get up early in the morning and spend the whole day fishing, and go out at sunset again for more. In a very short time, with the extra money, you can buy a bigger boat. Two years from now, you would have five or six boats you could rent to other fishermen. In another five years, with all the fish that you are fishing, you could establish your own canning factory and have your own brand of products. If you work hard for fifteen or twenty years, you can become a multimillionaire, and then you would not have to work a single day. the rest of your life.

– But, what will I do then?

Then you will be able to move to a small town in a quiet country, like Costa Rica, where you can stay in bed late each day, play with your children with no rush, take a nap in the afternoons, have a quiet dinner with your family and go out and sing along and drink with your friends.

Moral of the story: have the life you want to have now, do not wait for 20 years to come to realize that you probably already have many things of everything you always wanted to have.