This weekend, a friend of mine asked me about the Tarot divination topic. I am not an expert, but I have my own set of Tarot cards and several books and I enjoy using them for my personal use. The issue is that many people believe that whatever the cards say is written in stone, that is, it is going to happen no matter what. This is, from my point of view, very uncertain.

Future timelines

Tarot, as other divinatory arts, if used correctly, can show you a possible timeline of events. That is, in this very moment, according to your current situation, in THE MOMENT THE INQUIRY IS DONE, if you ask how this thing or that thing is going to evolve, the Tarot will give you the most likely answer to happen, in the timeline of events that would happen if nothing, absolutely nothing, changes with respect to that situation.

The free will of the person together with all of our actions, each second of our life, determines the next “future” that we will face as a result of our action or decision. If I make a decision now, and I enquiry how something is going to turn up, I will get an answer in the timeline of probable events that will occur if I keep my decision. Tomorrow, at the moment that I change my decision and do something totally different, everything that the Tarot told me yesterday is already vanished and is no longer valid, since I have opened and switched to another timeline of events, in accordance to my new decision, that will entail that my probable futures are different to the existing probable futures according to the decision that I made yesterday.

In this sense, a good way of using the cards would be to look for the different possibilities in accordance with the different options, that is, to ask about the different results that could happen if we pick the different alternatives that are available, so that, in a card reading we are capable of seeing what the optimal path is, or the most suitable in order to achieve a specific goal.

Predestined events

Is it possible that the same event appears in different timelines even if we have changed the starting situation? Well, it is very possible. Predestined events can exist in our life, or events that have such a broad scope (to meet our partner, to get a certain job, etc.) that may occur even though we change some of our decisions (obviously, living in a cave as an hermit would certainly make it difficult, but more weird things have been seen so that a “predestined” event happens, in spite of all the efforts to avoid it) and that they appear in a Tarot reading session as something “unavoidable”. It is also possible that the small deviations and decisions we take, don’t totally disrupt the timeline events that we may have seen and that simply, things turn up slightly different as they appeared in the cards.

The important is the following: the future is not written in stone, furthermore, all the possible futures are already latent somewhere, to which your subconscious and your Higher Self have access to them in the same manner as Tarot cards do, and therefore, they can provide you with information about which one is more likely to become real.

Each time you make a decision or execute an action, you are changing the timeline of events that will carry you towards a result or other. Therefore, next time somebody tells you the future is on the cards, ask them, if I change my mind tomorrow, where do I find the promising future that you are telling me about?