In a faraway monastery, a master was telling his disciple a story.

Listen to me carefully, little one –said the old man– for what I’m going to tell you is one of the legends about the ancient history of our planet. It is a tale that has passed from generation to generation, and everyone in our community, at a certain age, must know and understand it, because it entails a great lesson, that you will have to think about and reflect, if you want continue being a part of this beautiful place.

– I am listening master, I appreciate you telling me this story…

– Let’s start then…

Eons ago, at the core of our galaxy, the master-architects, great creators of life who lived together with the Logos, rejoiced creating stars, suns, and planetary systems everywhere, throughout the confines of the Milky Way. Several of these planetary architects, after throwing a star here, a system over there, realized that, in one of the solar systems already created, there was a spot for one more little planet. Since they were inspired, winking an eye they said: “Let’s create a place for every race and being who exist in our galaxy to enjoy, let’s create a little paradise there, a place where conditions are the best to that end”.

And then, that little paradise was created; at an energetic level, the molds of the different etheric bodies that were to conform it were produced first, from the most subtle planes to the more dense, until matter began to condensate forming a perfect, compact, and solid mass.

The energies of the elements began to mingle: fire and air, water and earth. The core of the planet was formed, with life and consciousness of its own; the seas were created, which spirit set forth the foundation for all aquatic life; the first energetic fields were formed, which brought primitive forms of flora; the energy and fury of fire combined to form volcanoes, and the spirit of wind imbued the atmosphere. As millions of years passed, since the creator-architects had to let their creation settle and cool down, the combined energies of the elements produced the energy of nature: trees, plants and flowers grew everywhere. The elements of fire, water, wind and earth materialized in elves, fairies, undines, salamanders, gnomes, and a whole cast of beings that would make sure this planet, born as a vibrant blue jewel, could work and grow in a good manner, and become a bright spot with everything necessary to be a paradise, and a shelter for the entire galaxy.

So, when the planet was physically ready, the great architects announced it to the different races of the galaxy, and many were surprised when they discovered such marvel in space, in this rather unknown-until-then solar system. Many of these races became gardeners and sowers of life, bringing many species of animals, and plants from their own systems to accompany the species the planet had created on his own. Earth thus became a compendium of consciousnesses, sharing the same physical body which called itself Kumar, because the spirits of the elements, the conscience of the planet, the beings that cared for nature, and the collective spirits of trees and animals, all worked together to develop life in harmony with the rest of Creation.

From space, the various races who had sown part of the organic life rejoiced in their spaceships, seeing how the plants grew, how new animals evolved and developed, how the beauty of the planet increased at every moment.

However, one fine day aboard one of those spaceships, from where the planet’s progress was being monitored, some of the caretakers noticed other ships dashing and descending to the surface of the blue planet. They didn’t know who that was. Bedazzled, because all races that collaborated in sowing life in the planet were already in agreement on each other’s part regarding their gardening, they decided to send volunteers to see what was going on, and who the visitors were. They thought the volunteers should go incognito, for they didn’t know what they were facing. Therefore, the only way was to incarnate the conscience of one of the gardeners in a host body of one of the native species, to allow to watch, albeit burdensome, what was happening without being noticed.

And it just so happened that one of the beings who monitored the planet volunteered for this mission, entering the inner non-physical planes first, where different guides and beings of light showed him how to build himself a “soul”, the energetic vehicle necessary to use one of the available “vessels” in the form of one of the most advanced organic life until then, a new species of dinosaur known as trodoones, which had developed naturally in the last thousand years, after receiving from the gardeners and earth-makers a higher capacity of intelligence and self-consciousness, and that had come to be the dominant species in the planet.

The gardener learnt how to put on the energetic suit that the guides called “soul”, and that was handed from them, until he became one with it, after which he could enter the physical plane.

First thing he did was meeting the great spirit of the animals, to obtain permission from the ruler of troodones’ collective consciousness to use one of their physical bodies. Permission was granted, and so this gardener finally incarnated in one of the individuals of this species, to observe the newcomers without being noticed or detected.

But what he saw, frightened him.

Oh, for heaven’s sake! –he cried out

Thousands of troodons, such as the host he was in, had been captured, tied up, bound, and they were making experiments on them! How was this possible? Who are these visitors? How can they be hurting and doing this to life in this planet? The gardener came closer to one of the dwellings where these visitors of space had settled, to try and see what had happened, but unfortunately he was captured too. They put him in a stretcher and began to inoculate things in him, started doing tests, performing a lot of terrible experiments on him.

The gardener left and abandoned the host body because he could not bear what was happening, letting the troodon die decided to return to his post aboard his ship. He went through that plane where the great spirit of animals dwelled. There, he disposed of the soul he had borrowed and returned it to the energy field of the race it belonged to, and realized with fright the thousands of troodons’ souls getting there in anger, rage, pain, and awe at what was happening.

The great spirit of the animals couldn’t believe its eyes, they were killing, torturing and making experiments on its physical counterparts; its consciousness only knew virtue, goodness and happiness in life, but know he started to feel these new emotions. The gardener bade farewell and promised the great spirit to find a solution to what was happening. Then he returned to his spaceship.

To be continued