The Gardeners of the Earth (II)


Upon arrival at the surveillance ship, the gardener, already in his normal shape and appearance, informed the rest of the races and members of his own crew of what had happened. In those moments they didn’t know what to do, they were just planetary caretakers, they had never found a situation like that. They were overwhelmed by the scenario they were presented with at the time.

The gardener who had come down on the first place, being commander of one of the main ships and responsible for monitoring the planet until then in growth, had no choice but to ask all his team to start descending through multiple points of the same to collect information and understand what was happening. Thus it was that hundreds of beings of different races began to incarnate in the first species of “manus” of the Earth, because the trodoon had been modified and turned into a new self-conscious species, to bring after each incarnation as much information as possible.

After dozens of missions, the purpose was clear. Other groups had genetically modified the troodons, creating the “manu”, to create a new race of beings that would function as slaves, labor and food for the intruders. The paradise that the master architects had created turned out to be not only a place of enjoyment, but one of the planets of the galaxy where the mineral resources, flora and fauna, that had been implanted, ended up being more than an appetizing claim for groups that wished to take advantage of them in exclusive property.

At that time, gardeners could do nothing but wait. Thousands of years passed, different groups of volunteers went down to the planet on a regular basis, incarnating in the new physical forms altered to find a way to free these beings (who had already received so many manipulations that now were no longer trodoons or manus, but a new species mixture of all the above called “lhumanu”), the yoke of these races and restore the course of evolution. However, they couldn’t do no more. Genetic manipulation broke the connection with the great spirit of animals, the new physical bodies created no longer had group consciousness but individual consciousness and were separated from each other.

A new “being” was born on the planet, a new “evolutionary” level which would not have existed if the natural evolutionary laws had taken their course. A being was born who had a hominid body, but part of his genes and mind presented traits of that other invasive race and incorporated the character, the conception and the way of understanding life in the same way that its master creators understood it, without the capacities, the potential and the knowledge to understand why they were like that or how they could be otherwise. The latter, of course, had not been transferred from creators to creators.

The new being was called “lhumanu” and from then on life on Earth changed completely. The new “human being” was disconnected from the trees, disconnected from the animals, could not see the elves or play with the fairies. The spirit of water and wind could no longer whisper stories to him, and man turned against his planet. He began to excavate it to extract minerals, he began to destroy forests to build palaces, he began to kill animals to make sacrifices and began to destroy nature to plow its fields and sow what naturally did not grow in them. He learned from his extraterrestrial creators the concept of power and the domination of one over the other, he learned the concept of the manipulation of the environment for his benefit, and the worst of all, he never questioned himself he was doing something wrong and unnatural because he was not aware that this was not the evolutionary path that the gardeners and architects of the planet had planned for life on Earth.

However, on the other hand, the creation of millions of individualized organic vehicles, with no connection to a group mind, allowed hundreds of thousands of beings and spirits from other parts of Creation to enter and incarnate in the newly created human being to experience a new way of life. Those spirits, matrices of light, portions of the divine spark born from the Galactic Logos, or from other Logos, or from other Sources beyond our understanding, found the perfect vessel to experience life each in his own way and rhythm. They understood the conditions in which the vehicles they were going to occupy had been created, they understood that the planet had been manipulated and they knew that the planned evolutionary course had been altered, but the law of free will forced to respect the development of the situation and the opportunity for growth and experience became more incredible than ever with these new parameters which had suddenly appeared in a small solar system at the confines of the galaxy.

This is not how the gardeners saw it, because at all times, throughout the thousands of years they had been taking care of the planet, they considered this development as something abnormal which had to be solved. But, again, the law of free will was binding, and they could only do one thing. Entering to restore the system from within, trying to put things back into place, incarnating again and again so that the new human being would regain his connection with nature, respect it, realize that it had been genetically created and was constantly being manipulated, as a resource, as labor, as food.

But the problem was that to be able to enter they had to use the same genetically altered physical bodies, they could no longer incarnate in an inferior and “clean” hominid species because it was completely impossible to do the work this way because at that moment the new human being already dominated the rest of the planet. It was necessary to use the same physical bodies that had been created in laboratories and implanted, whose primordial characteristics that made it compatible and respectful with the environment had been suppressed and they had to play with the new rules. Thus every gardener entering the planet had to struggle terribly to break the veils, restrictions, and limitations of the physical vehicle he occupied to try to do his job and correct the course of events.

It was very frustrating because most of the time they would go from one incarnation after another without being able to break the veil of the physical body and the human mind, without being able to awaken the personality into which they became after entry and on the few occasions when a gardener, who was already entering by the millions throughout the planet, and managed to awaken himself, he found himself with a humanity impossible to awaken because they were not able to see what had happened.

The information they transmitted in some cases was already relegated to the category of myths and legends or of pure imagination because the genetic creators had taken over the archetypal mind of the new race, the human being and had put in place the necessary control system to be able to use it. The trees, the elves, the fairies, the spirit of the water or the spirit of the wind did not see it that way, and they began to suffer the consequences of this situation. And each time they began to protect themselves more and more and to distance themselves from some beings with whom they once shared a life.

In addition, an unexpected event occurred. The gardeners started generating karma. The planet had strict evolutionary laws, and if you wanted to enter it you had to adhere to them. By the same design of the master architects and the Solar Logos, every being who wanted to incarnate had to use a native soul formed from the energetic fields and internal planes of the planet which held together the matter of the physical body and served as a container for the divine spark that wanted to use them. And those souls had their own evolutionary rules so when situations and experiences were generated with other souls they had to be compensated, balanced and cancelled.

For the gardeners there was a double problem. Not only was the frustration for not having awakened and not having been able to carry out the mission, but also for having become more involved with the system of life on Earth, and for having thrown behind their backs compromises that from then on they were going to have to carry out, delaying their mission within a planet totally manipulated and under the control of the creative races.

For thousands of thousands of years the situation remained the same, if not worse. The original gardeners, those who first came in, asked for help, and millions of beings from elsewhere responded and began to arrive, and as time went by they began to prepare a crash plan that would solve the problem completely, if it went well….

To be continued…

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