All the groups who, for one reason or another, had been involved in the care of the planet and who knew well how evolutionary cycles throughout the galaxy worked, realized that something important was about to happen.

The end of a cycle was approaching. There was an opportunity to move the planet to another frequency plane, where the vibration and energies found would completely modify organic life, produce a total change in the atomic structure of the Earth and thereby affect completely all beings who inhabited it. The current existence of destruction, manipulation, and control by the creative races of the human being as an “implanted” and out of place being which had become a plague and parasite for the rest of consciousnesses and beings that inhabited the Earth, would be ended with a punch.

For a long time the group spirit of animal races lamented the damage suffered, thousands of species that were brought from other planets were taken from here by the same ones that brought them, nature had become distrustful of the human being, elves, undines, gnomes and fairies were never made visible to him, the spirit of the sea contained anger as its waters became polluted and polluted.

But the gardeners and the races that believed that it was still possible to solve the problem, did not hesitate for a single instant to redouble their efforts to awaken the human being, who, for most of the part, was still immersed in his dominating, devastating and mentality conquering as if he was the most intelligent being to have his feet on the planet he lived on without realizing that the rest of the consciousnesses and beings considered him more of a plague to be exterminated. If there were already millions of spirits of gardeners from all parts of the galaxy incarnating, millions more arrived to continue incarnating and working hard from within. The Solar Logos, the energetic father of the Earth, seeing that time was running out, gave a desperate cry that reached the great architects of Creation, in the center of the galaxy, and they also decided to intervene. Earth was a “sick” planet and needed a lot of help.

So, a meeting was called. Representatives of the galactic Logos, representatives of the trees, the spirit of the wind, of the water, representatives of the elves and the fairies, representatives of the intraterrestrial races that inhabited the planet in harmony long before the creation of the human being and representatives of the different races of gardeners that attended the meeting from their spaceships began to discuss what they were going to do.

Some of the attendees thought that a “clean slate” would be a good solution, they could take care of it cleaning the planet with an erase and letting it regenerate completely from scratch. This represented not climbing up the evolutionary level, but keeping the Earth for another complete cycle at the current frequency level, but clean, starting from the beginning. Others, more benevolent and understanding that the human being was an unconscious laboratory product that had been created and deserved an opportunity to develop on its own without the yoke of its controllers advocated allowing them to take the reins of evolutionary change into their hands.

They were to be guided by millions of gardeners who would enter again just before the change, and by those who were already inside, to establish the conditions necessary to allow the planet to jump. The gardeners began to look for each other and began to awaken each other assisted by their representatives who were off-planet in the ships. When many of them began to remember who they really were and why they had come, they were able to begin to receive instructions and plan the last phase of the shock plan to be implemented, which was like anchoring a kind of energy blanket that would allow them to hold the planet when it had the opportunity to change the frequency plane within the galactic elliptic she was in.

Even so, the gardeners were not sufficient in number, but it took millions of human beings “awake” and willing to help to root these new energies to the planet so that it was not rejected by the force of the vortex that allowed the dimensional passage, which would happen if the Earth was not energetically compatible with the new environment to which it was going to move.

The problem is that not everyone at that meeting was confident that humans could accomplish this. But if they did not, if they were not ready when the time came for the opening of the vortex, with enough evolutionary level to maintain the frequency grid necessary to move from one zone to another, the planet would be seen as advocating another full cycle within the same plane, the jump would not have taken place and those races that wanted to keep the planet as their playground and supply zone would probably have won the game.

And that couldn’t be

These same invading races already knew that the gardeners had made and repeated the same pattern in all the other systems they had conquered and in some cases, had even destroyed them, blowing up entire planets out of greed, negativity, and the desire for power over everything in them. And that would be a great misfortune for the master architects who had put so much love into the creation of the Earth and a misfortune for the spirits who from the Source would not then have a place like this to experience and grow.

Only the Source understood that these races acted according to their nature and that they had made the decision eons ago, due to the law of free will, and as a group, to renounce to keep the divine spark within, so that, turning their backs to the matrix of light, their souls had become dark and mortal, in need of technology to subsist. The human being, on the other hand, never lost the matrix of light that resided in the hominids and for that reason their essence was immortal, but few of them knew that they had it and did not know how to use it, to let it out and shine and make it be that spirit that had incarnated in them that helped to straighten out the situation of the planet, since all of them wanted to do it while seeking their own experiences and acquiring their particular evolutionary lessons.

It was only because of this, or mainly because of this, that human beings were given the opportunity to deal with the evolutionary change in front of them themselves, even though they would be assisted by the growing number of gardeners, both those incarnated within the system and those who would orbit and work from outside, fighting if necessary and literally speaking, those who would try to keep humans from waking up and staying under the control system that had been in place for thousands of years.

The plan was already in place and everyone began to work hard for it, as time was pressing and there was still much to be done…

– And so the legend ends, my young disciple…

– But Master, it cannot be, it has no end, no moral, nor have you explained to me what happened in the end with the humans and the planet Earth!

– Ah… – said the old Master – we still do not know that, because, little one, the end is yet to be decided, and it is in these very moments that the human race is risking its future…

And then the disciple understood everything, got up and went outside into the garden. He knelt before a tree and asked for forgiveness. He got up, went to the river and asked the water for forgiveness. He went to a fawn and asked the animals for forgiveness. He lifted his head to the sky, let his hair sway and asked the wind for forgiveness. He touched the earth with his hands and asked the whole planet for forgiveness. And he promised them that he would not cease to struggle until the natural course of evolution had resumed its path and the Earth was once again paradise and the planet created to be enjoyed, as had been the wish of the great master architects and all the beings who resided on it.