The “gender” of your soul


In the first part of the Akashic Healing tecnique I teach and perform, I used to look for profile information on a spiritual level about who we are and what are our soul characteristics, and, once in a while, we find and can present information of what we could call “gender” of our soul.

We can see that our soul can define itself as belonging to one gender or the other, even though this is not exact in its entirety. The Higher Self of each one of us is androgynous, pure consciousness and incorporating on itself female and male qualities. It is a being in balance and it does not define as male or female. Nevertheless, down a level and checking the energy polarity of the soul and the oversoul (the “static” part of it), it sometimes can provide a gender as part of the profile and the information it transmits.

What would be the significance of a soul presenting itself as mostly female or mostly masculine? It simply refers to the number of incarnations in which it has chosen to be in a male or female body to experiment life and learn from it. Although the right fact is to notice that we are androgynous beings on a spiritual level, taking into consideration the beforehand commented nuances, our soul can define itself belonging to one gender or the other, depending on the accumulation of experiences on each gender.

Thus, if a Higher Self that has had 70% of incarnations on a female body it is most probably that the soul will present itself as female and vice versa. It does not really mean anything else than some information that tells us in more detail the kind of evolution we are having as souls. It can also mean that, for example, a Higher Self that has had a very high percentage of incarnations in one type of gender, will begin to choose the opposite gender for new incarnations.

If at some point you are told that you have a feminine or masculine soul, it can be sort of right, although the right thing to say is that we are androgynous beings experimenting both polarities and maybe at said point we have acquired experiences belonging to one gender more than the other. Anyways, being the Higher Self objective to acquire all kinds of experiences needed to “graduate” from the cycle of incarnations in our planet, and at the end of the process, without a doubt, what will “remain” will be a highly evolved conscious being, us.

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