One of the most fascinating things about us, is the self-knowing, understanding, exploring and understanding process of oneself. Why are we the way we are? Why do we change our way of being throughout life?

Many factors have place on the composition of our way of being, none of them is less important than the others: what we genetically inherit, the ego and the archetypes that we develop, the imbued programming, the social conditioning or the characteristics of the soul.. This one, together with the genetic inheritance, is what we are about to develop..

Hereditary character

A great part of our way of being is determined by the genetic inheritance we receive by our parents through the DNA in the moment we born. Any characteristic we have received by this way will be reflected in us. We will be more timid if our parents have been timid, we will be more stubborn, more open, more patients, more nervous, more orderly, etc., etc., if our parents have passed those characteristics to us and it is possible that, although we have a soul with many entirely opposite qualities, they are those that conform the character that the genetic inheritance has given us, the ones that predominate throughout our lives.

The power of the soul

When a Higher Self incarnates in a physical body, he already has in mind what kind of “suit” he is going to have to deal with. The cellular memory and the genetic characteristics that brings with it are known in advance, and he looks for those “vehicles” that fit the best for what he needs for its purpose in that incarnation. Probably the parameters will never be 100% optimal (since we also have to choose the environment, the place, the historical moment of birth, etc.), but they will always be taken into account and will be conveniently the most suitable among the available options. We must also take into account the power of the soul to “dominate” and “mold” that “suit” according to the wishes of our Higher Self.

According to the type of incarnation

According to the type of incarnation we are in (I mean, depending on the level we are “basic” or “advanced”, we’ll have more “potential” to control and manage the body we inhabit. It is as if we were a lamp connected to a potentiometer, when we regulate the potentiometer we can give more power that gives more light to the lamp. The lamp is the human body, the light is the soul, and the potentiometer is the regulator of the “spiritual power” that we possess. More advanced souls will not have any problems on canceling or controlling any genetic inherited traits that not serve or may cause any “trouble” to them. For example, if we were born with a genetic trait of bestial shyness inherited from our parents, but our soul needs precisely to give life to an extroverted incarnation, probably that introverted and timid child will become a fully open, extroverted and sociable adult. As he grows and learns from the lessons that life is presenting. Any genetic characteristic can be “overwritten” if the “spiritual” power of the soul that incarnates in that body is “strong enough” to do so.

Learning to use “the body”

On the other hand, it is also true that less “advanced” souls will simply leave the “control” of the personality with much more degree of dominance to the character that has been genetically inherited, simply because that Higher Self is learning and even acquiring experiences about the “physical vehicle” that it uses to incarnate and evolve, so that our potentiometer of “spiritual” power does not let pass so much energy and the incarnation only collects experiences using the “autopilot” of our car. I repeat, at a more evolutionary level, less compromising is the soul with the genetic inheritance and more it adapts it to its requirements, because as we always say, it has to be this soul, this Inner Self, who at the end guides and orients us in life and who, when needed, takes the controls of the personality whatever he has inherited.