Notwithstanding we all know people and characters who seem to lack the slightest trace of natural goodness in them, the truth is, if we look around, most people we meet every day is, if not “good” by nature, certainly not in the category of “bad people”. Then, If “everybody is good”, like the people in one movie I can’t remember said, how come it looks as if we’re stuck in the most wicked society and system?

What the Collective Unconscious Dictates

For some reason, we all have the instinct not to trust people too much, not because we believe this at heart, but being something so ingrained in the collective unconscious of mankind, it greatly influences the way we perceive the world. There seems to be an inkling hanging in the air that we’re better off being rather distrustful, so to prevent unpleasant situations in the future, than appealing to the good side of people, relying and seeing them in their “positive” vein.

However, what really happens is that, when we really reach out to someone, establishing dialogue through kindness and proper body language to convey good vibes; when we approach one another taking a happy-go-lucky attitude, being nice and with an “everybody is good” disposition, we activate, or rather deactivate, that defense mechanism in the collective unconscious forcing us to wear armor when interacting with other people; then, our relationships with the rest of the world become more fluid.

Systems that don’t work

In most cases, the problem in this world has more to do with the system and how our lives are framed, this is what causes more trouble among us. I don’t need to repeat myself that the system rigged to do just that, to create problems and to prey on the chaos, but the “divide and you shall conquer” state of mind is deactivated so long as every tiny interaction with people, even at the more menial levels, the small talk in the street, in the shop or workplace, pivot on the premise that we´re all weary of being mean, and if we just change the way we treat each other, we can topple the stack of cards where the mutual notion that “it’s best to trust no-one” sits upon.

Everyone, Day to Day

There’s no need to go out in the street hugging people around, or playing nice with everyone. That would really have the opposite effect, and some may reject altogether your good intentions, triggering an automatic “self-defense mechanism for potential cover-up threats”, which we all have, even if we’re unaware it’s active. But with the people you know, with whom you interact on a day to day basis, with whom you come across during your occupation, try to engage with them in conversation, petitions, calls, emails, etc. using the “everyone is good” philosophy, and you’ll notice a change (this I know from my own experience). This costs nothing, it’s for free and it will leave a good taste in your mouth, what else can you ask for?