Following what we discussed in a previous entry about the chakras, it is easy to understand why the heart chakra is key to connect the energy system with other spiritual levels and forces in higher vibrational tiers. Simply because this chakra vibrates and processes the same kind of energy everything is made of (for the positive polarity): love.

I have emphasized time and again that, when I talk about love, I don’t mean it just as romantic concept of how much we love each other. In any case, this concept is the earthly representation of something much more important. Love is a frequency, an energy we all feel when we love, when we truly love someone, and this is the one of energy’s foundation of this universe (being fear the opposite energy for the negative polarity of it).

What is the universe made of? Ether? Black matter? Empty space? Everything that exists has its source in the spin and latent energy of that we know as “monads”, tiny particles that combine to form the energy of love for what we call the “positive polarity”. It can be “measured” in a certain way, because it has the qualities that every other kind of energy has, although we don’t know how, and this energy forms part of everything that exists: the universe, galaxies, planets, people, plants, animals, etc.

We all have the frequency of “quantum” love as a basic component in our energy cores that, combined, vibrating in one frequency or another, existing in a more or less solid state, make up everything we are capable to know and to observe, as well as that we can’t. This is why, if we want to take a step further, and reach even deeper into our being, we must start working on the heart chakra.

The largest energy field

Etherically, the heart chakra is located very close to this organ: the heart, that, as a fundamental constituent of the human body and source of energy, also generates its own electromagnetic field, the largest and strongest of any other produced by body organs. According to studies by the HeartMath Institute, the heart emits a field of sorts, more than one meter in diameter, in a toroidal shape, like the one you can see in the following figure.

This electromagnetic field allows the connection of our heart, and its corresponding chakra, with the higher realities inside, opening the path to explore the universe. It is like a passageway through which we can open doors, in order to go deeper inside, or further beyond, because what we are really doing when we explore ourselves through the heart chakra, is to expand our consciousness and to embrace deeper levels of being.

It’s a hallucinating trip full of surprises, because you discover that you can get “out there” by coming “in here”. Speechless.