We have been talking on may articles about our Higher Self. and we have mention previously that the information about our life, the blocks we have, and everything we are going to discover comes from what most traditions and teachings call our Higher Self. So, who is this Higher Self that sets the guidelines, has the information of what needs to be healed or can answer questions about how we are? Well, we must begin to explain it from the beginning.

We are human beings, but what are we human beings? The simplest way to express it would be to say that we are a multidimensional complex, which has different “components” that make the “whole” of the human being can have a part in planes and evolutionary levels outside the physical plane, and other parts “incarnated” and in different levels of existence.  The most essential part of what we are, which we can call the nucleus, divine particle or monad, is what defines our origin, and which we usually call the ALL, the SOURCE, the Absolute, etc., represents the conscious energy of Creation, and contains everything that then forms the structure of which a part is incarnated on this plane on which we are, using different vehicles, layers and bodies, such as the energetic system, the soul and the spirit as intermediate vehicles of linkage, within an organic, physical body, in perfect symbiosis. The terms of soul and spirit will then be seen, and all of this controlled, managed and monitored by the Higher Self.

So initially we could say that we have a particle of conscious energy which has been born from SOURCE, which is part of a larger whole to which we belong, and this whole is governed by the part which we call the Being or the Higher Self. This part of the human being is the one that links or embodies in different bodies, lives and incarnations, to experience, learn and grow. We say that the being that we are, our Higher Self, needs to grow and gather experiences, although needing is not a correct verb. Nothing is needed. But you want to experiment, you want to know and you want to grow. It is an innate force in all Creation and present in all of us to move towards something higher. So, in order to experience and know creation, the Higher Self projects itself into as many “existences” as it deems necessary, into as many planes of creation as its current curiosity and potential allows.

Function and Position of the Higher Self

The whole structure of Creation is divided into evolutionary levels; there are those who call them dimensions, densities, frequency planes, energy bands, etc. These evolutionary levels are ordered and created by “octaves”, groups of seven levels. We, the “physical”, emotional and mental compendium with which we identify when we speak of a human being, exist at this moment mainly in the first three bands or planes of the structure of our planet (we move between the physical plane and the mental plane, the causal plane being the upper part of the mentioned mental plane). Our Higher Self is situated outside of these planes, in fact it is adimensional, that is to say, within the evolutionary structure of existence, it could be placed in one of the highest bands, frequently speaking, of the same; but without dimensions that define it, from where all the incarnated parts can be monitored in any place.

What, then, is the function of this Higher Self? That of “coordination” and “supervision,” in every sense, but without any interference in the free will of what we might call “its incarnated part on the physical plane,” that is, us, the personality who is now reading this. For us, and for the duration of our entire incarnation, the Higher Self is but the part of us which is “statically” maintained on a higher frequency plane from which it can supervise and help us throughout our entire evolutionary journey.