A couple of weeks ago in a relatively normal meditation where I always try to connect with that which, in this blog (and in a thousand other sites), we called “The Higher Self”, I had a glimpse of a simultaneous presence of many parts of me as if they were all my “Higher Self”. It’s a little hard to describe in words, in fact, you all know that the experiences that each one has in meditation or in any kind of energy situation are tremendously personal, difficult to extrapolate so that another person can feel identified or even represent the same thing, but to me, in this case, it served me to try to further nuance the concept (which I already have so crushed) that it is really what we call “our Higher Self”. Let’s see if we can give the whole thing one more little twist.

Understanding that time is not linear

You all know that we are a being with a spirit tied to a spark of light using an earthly soul as an evolutionary vehicle and incarnating in a physical body as a container and facilitator of the experiences of that spirit and the higher levels it needs. Let us imagine the spirit and the Higher Self simply as a projection of energy of consciousness coming from the SOURCE.

Since the linear concept of time is not correct (and even though we perceive it within an organic body, the past, present and future exist simultaneously), we could say that the being we will be 10 years from now already exists in what we call our future, because it is actually a being of flesh and blood living in a timeline to which we have not reached yet. Likewise, there is the being we will be in 25 years simultaneously, and that there is also the being that we will be 1000 years from now. Our Higher Self and our spirit are immortal, eternal like the Source itself, so all the different evolutionary levels that we have to go through and that we have passed through, have created a version of ourselves that is completely real on its plane, dimension or timeline of existence.

This seems really complex by the simple fact that we can’t perceive the concurrency of time, but it’s the simplest explanation I can give to really understand the concept of our Higher Self and the multiple versions of myself.

Me now, me later and me a little further on

Let’s start with a simple example: the person you are going to become 10 years from now already exists in the timeline of your “future”, since there are many likely futures that are being updated, there are many versions of you from 10 years from now and each one of them in its corresponding parallel dimension or timeline. You, who are reading this now, will become one of them, and the one you will become will be, when you reach its temporal moment (within those 10 years), the version of yours that exists of a probable “me” that exists right now 20 years from now , taking leaps from decade to decade for example.

In my case, for example, this year’s David is destined to become some existing version of a David one decade away, and the David who is now to 10 years into my future, will follow his evolutionary course and when I am the David of 2023, he will be the David of the year 2033. I hope you’ll follow me with this reasoning.

Well, extrapolates this analogy thousands of years into the future. The being you are now, the spirit that you possess and are now within a physical body on Earth at this evolutionary level that we call the 7.8Hz matrix, within one year will be a spirit incarnated somewhere to go who knows where with a much higher evolutionary level.

If you could contact (and you can) or be contacted by the being you will be 1000 years from now, you would probably hallucinate with the stories that you could tell yourself about what happened to you on your incredible journey through the highways of evolution throughout this time.

The full picture and all the pieces of the puzzle

When we do this, when we consciously contact the portion of us that exists IN OUR FUTURE, we are connecting with those other versions through our Higher Self, who contains ALL the information of all that has happened in YOUR PAST, present and future, which are our past, our present and evidently our future, for our Higher Self, in coordinating all versions of oneself, has already traveled the paths that we have traveled and the paths that lie ahead of us.

Well, following this reasoning, we could say that then it is difficult to know with which version of oneself through the Higher Self we are connecting to because obviously at every point of time there is a “future” version of ourselves that could well carry the “David” label. However, for evolutionary purposes, there is only one “me” that makes a difference and the work that is done in this present incarnation, and it is the Higher Self, that part of the human being that we say acts as coordinator for all the existences that I am having at this moment.

As I’ve already said in other articles, the whole structure of creation is divided into evolutionary levels, there are people who call them dimensions and we call them densities for reasons that I have also explained above. These evolutionary levels are ordered into “octaves”, groups of seven levels which there are infinite to “going up”, and infinite to “going down”. We currently exist in the third level (density or dimension) of an indeterminate octave, within a reality that has a vibration of 7.8Hz and we will soon move into what we call a reality or matrix that vibrates at a frequency of 15.6Hz.

Monitoring position

This means that our Higher Self, the version or part of ourselves that is outside of space-time as we understand it is the one that is helping its “current” earthly Self which is still in the third density. So, what is the function of this Higher Self? The one we always say, that of “coordination” and “supervision” in every way but without any meddling in the free will of what we might call “his earthly self”, that is, us, the soul that we are within this physical body. For us, and during our entire incarnation, the Higher Self is but the portion of being that we are that is maintained “statically” on a frequency plane corresponding to the highest levels of our galaxy and outside the temporary space perception that we possess because the “time” of his journey through that evolutionary level is infinitely higher than the time of our passage through the third density, that is why we speak of a “static” Higher Self on that other plane.

The best reference and query file

So that’s why we always use and work with the Higher Self in the akashic Healing courses, so in meditations we always seek the connection with the Higher Self and there is no better ally than the Higher Self, simply for the reasons we have already said because it is part of ourselves with the ability to perceive absolutely everything that is left “down below” (evolutionarily speaking) of its own plane or stadium. But that doesn’t mean that our Higher Self has nothing more to do but keep an eye on us (which he does :-)), but also an entity like our Higher SELF may now be enjoying a terribly vast and impressive existence that represents for “him ” the same challenge that your 3D existence on Earth can represent to you.

In fact, if you think about it, you are without realizing it, the future version of your first incarnation on this planet that evidently remains active and latent in its own timeline even though we call it a “past” life, but if the person you were 5000 years ago in your first life were to meditate and connect with his “future self” of the year 2013, he would be doing nothing more than connecting with you at this moment in real time. And you if you were aware of it and had the memory and memories of everything you did from your first incarnation until now could guide, guide and help that part of you who just started his evolutionary journey.

Does your head smoke as you try to understand this? It’s a matter of asking your Higher Self to let you taste a little of the simultaneous perception of time and in a “plis plas” you have it very clear.