The collective unconscious continues to be a subject in which lately I see myself synchronized everywhere, it’s a sign that by the moment, it is my turn to study or investigate in this regard. I’m reading Rupert Sheldrake’s works on morphic fields and thanks to the ideas on the subject discussed in various forums that I follow, I’m tying up the threads to understand more about how it affects us and how we can affect it.

Common reality is created by the psyche of the mass of the planet

It’s something we all know or have heard about. The collective unconscious is the sum of all the “minds”, psycho-energetic projections of all the people on the planet. This global consciousness reflects the state of reality that, on a physical level, is manifested on Earth. Generically, we are constantly emitting a lot of mental patterns that include fears, a distortion of objective reality, chaos, worries, limitations, etc., etc., the great energetic mass that forms this global consciousness reflects that internal state of each one of us on a planetary level.

In many cases, these energy patterns that we emit are artificially provoked externally (we have already talked about that too), and affect us both physically and energetically, which then translates into psychic and mental projections. I mean, if we capture “waves” that make us feel “bad” (on a physical or psychic level) we automatically manifest thoughts that we feel bad and we emit energetic patterns in the collective unconscious that adds more “waves” to the common reality that reflect that we are bad. This is how the loop begins.


Clean up our reality to clean up our “emissions”

On an individual level, the first step is not to be affected by the emissions we receive from the outside. The most important protective factors are: being aware of them (“psychic” protection by knowledge of the cause, we could say), “physical” protection, that is, robustness of the human body, being “healthy” and not “weak”, eating properly (Me, for example, since I started on the Paleo diet, I have noticed substantial changes. Each one of you will have to make a research on how to improve your physical health), and energetic protection (having a healthy energy system) with the one we can minimize the effect of what is projected on us.


However, we have not yet changed the type of psycho-energetic patterns that we emit to the collective unconscious, we have simply made do not affect us that much what we receive from it or external sources. Now we must modify our internal reality, which begins by knowing how to deal with external reality without denying any of its factors, for example, understanding that there are positive things in the world, but obviously there are others that are just the opposite (manipulation, control, power in the hands of people with no intention of fixing anything, etc.). The mental clarity about the objective reality of the common mass (I don’t speak on an individual level), opens the door to the modification of it. I mean, it is not about focusing only on one polarity hoping that the other one does not affect us, it is about changing our way of understanding the physical reality to consciously change it. With a pick and a shovel, putting all our efforts into it by taking actions, by executing things that “fix” what we can fix, whatever the scope be. The best phrase that reflects this step is the one Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world.

Be that % of critical mass necessary to influence the rest of the people

I am not talking about a philosophical concept, but practically “physical” or energetic. When in your life you behave, live, talk and act as you think the whole world should, you begin to modify your projections towards that unconscious mass that we all share. When the planet picks up these new patterns of behavior on a global level, it returns them in the form of common reality manifested in our “physical” and “real” life.


Fortunately, this change can begin to happen only with a minimum number of people consciously working. It is the so-called critical mass, which is a certain % of the planet population or, more accurately, energy percentage rather than people, because the “quality” of a few new energy patterns generated exceeds the quantity of many existing “low quality”. This gives hope because if we think that a large part of humanity is the so-called organic portals, and most of the rest are what we call basic and average incarnations, there are only a few million people globally who could bring about these changes.

Blocking critical mass

The problem is that those who try to do the opposite (I guess I’m not discovering anything from the other world) know that this critical mass will never be reached so that these changes won’t happen in any way. How do they do this? It’s very easy, we are attacked on a physical level (harmful food and energy emissions, TV, etc.) and we are attacked on an emotional, psychic and psychological level (generic problems that we can never solve, economic crises, war drums, distractions of all kinds, etc.).

So, of those few millions with the potential to change the common reality by changing their reality, many are pending on not to lose their job, on not losing their home, focused on their problems, etc., the control system achieves that only a few hundred thousand are able to act really very below of that level of necessary critical mass. The idea is to act, as much as we can, be aware of the real situation, be able to see all the angles and polarities and know that everything that is going to happen in the years to come, at the level of common reality, basically depends on what we manage to modify from the collective unconscious that this common reality generates. The only thing you have to keep in mind is this: “be the change you want to see in the world”. No matter how small be.