The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight


I have recently finished a book called “The last hours of ancient sunlight“. The book is about how we are destroying our planet and all the natural resources that we have in it, especially the oil we have left, which according to the author will not last more than a couple of generations and this can cause all kinds of conflicts and calamities, as well as shortages of food, natural resources, etc. Not that I believe many of this claims, but nonetheless they are interesting to read.

The issue is that the book does not have an alarmist tone of “everything is lost” but exposes with facts and arguments and scientific studies how the natural ecosystem works, climate changes, etc., and, at the end, the book gives us some solutions, the most important of them, the change of consciousness throughout the planet to save what’s left. The book talks about everything, about how the oil extraction that sustains the growth of humanity is running out (although in retrospect, and having learned about the mineral origin of oil this is to be discussed), about how potable water resources are running out (we had a terrible drought in Barcelona in 2007), about how the trees that remain on the planet can no longer keep the atmosphere clean and the rain cycle running, etc. It explains how basic foods will continue to rise as it will be more and more expensive to produce them (due to lack of water and due to the increase in population, high demand and little supply) and how all this can make most of the world hungrier than they are today in some countries. Sometimes reading these things gives me the impression that they have taken me from my reality and I have opened the window to another one for which not everyone is prepared.

Recently the news shows that the United Nations and its World Food Program are having problems finding and storing food such as corn and rice, basic ingredients in the diet of half the planet, since its price and speculation make its scarcity more and more noticeable.

What strikes me the most is that all these are only news from time to time and it is not a alarm present in our daily reality. That is, if you do not search for information on your own in a very specific way, most of society live in a bubble of total disinformation about the global reality of the state of the planet in which we live, which is not surprising, since 99% of the media belong to large business groups that also control all kinds of industries related with topics of which is better not to inform to population. Actually, what makes me angry is that if we analyze the information that is given to us by television compared with the information that you can find investigating elsewhere (like this type of books) it is like living in two different realities.

Europe and the rest of the developed countries live in a bubble, the rest of the planet has an extremely different daily reality and much harder than ours. And the worst of all is that without the exploitation by our companies in those countries, we could not live as we do. The first time that someone told me this was when I was living in Sumatra, Indonesia, not as a accusation, but as someone telling me a reality of which I was not aware.

The book is more than recommended to everyone, perhaps it can open our mind to another reality very different from what we think we have. Our job now is to become more aware of this reality and look for ways to preserve what’s left on the planet, although many people say that we are several decades behind to save what is left.

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