The law of opposites


Once upon a time, a light particle that was living surrounded by many other light particles, decided she wanted to know herself better. As she was living surrounded by light, it was not possible for her, in any way, to really perceive everything she was, her splendour, her magnificence, because everything around her was equal to herself and could not be experienced. So, as our light particle had a strong feeling of personal growth and felt the need to experiment all by herself, she went to the Source of the universe that had created her and asked for a formula to experiment herself, to be light and know what it was to be light. So, the only thing the Creator could do to fulfil her wish was to create the deepest darkness and route the light particle there so that, in the midst of that terrible nothingness and sinister blackness, she could create and experiment at ease. It is said that this is how the Law of the Opposites was born.

Dual universe

Nothing can exist without its opposite, at least in this reality where we exist, since it is the result of a misperception of the energies that form everything that exists, in that nothing can be known if its opponent is unknown to us. We cannot understand love if hatred does not exist, we cannot understand and experience freedom if we do not know what dependence is, we cannot express abundance if lack of resources doesn’t exist. Everything must have its opposite in this world where we experience life in order to know it and live it in all its splendour. And, even if we don’t want to admit it, should this opposite not exist – that we always see as negative – we would never be able to fully enjoy what we want and perceive as positive. This perception, although correct to the understanding of the human being, is just a bad decoding of our mental configuration of the energetic reality of the universe that works through triads, with three energies, not two, missing in this equation the balancing or neutral energy.

For us, cold cannot exist without heat nor white without black. They are just pendulum ends for a neutral concept as temperature is: Although we only want to live in warm places, cold places do exist and make this to be possible. It doesn’t matter if it’s only in a tiny little corner of a small place on the planet, but the opposite of everything existing in our reality it is represented at some level somewhere else so we can appreciate and experience what we want. Until human beings are able to co-create the reality where they live based on the three forces or energies of the universe (active, passive and neutral), they will keep on perceiving this duality as the base for the structure of our existence. Meanwhile, the cosmic octave and the processes that have led us to this kind of understanding continue until humanity takes the evolutionary step it is heading to.

The Law of Opposites and the Law of Attraction.

As we said in the post about karma, and the law of cause and effect, if you create something, the opposed forces to your intention and to the original cause will be set in motion first. Then, their opposite must also be created in order to maintain the balance in the structure of reality. Should you realize that when you want something with all your strength, the first thing that occurs is exactly the opposite, instead of feeling disappointed and think the process of conscious creation is not working, be happy because the process is working correctly. This is due to the concept that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction of the same size and this is related to Newton’s Third Law of physics.

When we want to manifest more abundance and suddenly we see our bank account decreasing due to an unexpected payment, or we lose a possession, or when we want to manifest more freedom and suddenly we have more responsibilities, we are on the right way. The opposite effect of our creation will eventually fade away if we maintain a strong determination to seek what we initially wanted and, at the end, we will enjoy what we had created in the beginning. But, for this to be possible, according to the mechanical laws ruling the functioning of reality, the opposite force must be generated in order our wish can come to life.

What you resist, persists

Every time you want to do something with all your strength, and the opposite occurs, let it flow, don’t resist it and reinforce your will to win the game. We can neutralize the opposite force, but as long as we do not know how to do it, the best thing we can do is let it fade away. This is part of the process. If something happens that upsets you or it is not what you wanted, but is exactly related to it in the opposite pole, do not offer resistance but focus your energy on empowering what you want. The energy of this event, incident or situation will go over to give place to what you really are trying to reach. If you focus on the opposite, you will be giving it a power, an attention it doesn’t need and you will be obstructing the process of manifesting what you really want.

Opposites worldwide

I have never dared to say that, for a few living in abundance, others have to live in misery. I find it extremely inappropriate and difficult to accept that, whereas some live happily, others have to experience sadness. Or, in order something exists in one place, it doesn’t have to exist in another, especially when we talk about basic needs for a human being. I hadn’t found any answer to this until I read some comments from Neale Donald Walsch (the author of Conversations with God) and I understood this doesn’t have to be like this.

On a personal level, in each one reality, the creation of something takes place with the creation of an opposing force that opposes it, since it is a global law, but this doesn’t have any more significance than the small impact and benefit it has upon us as individuals. At the level of humanity, planet and planetary consciousness, this is not totally accurate. For the planet to live in abundance, should there be a lack of resources somewhere? Yes, but maybe not necessarily as a real or material representation but as a concept. The universe does not work with “chairs”, it works with “energies”, with representations and abstractions of what we want. If planet, human race consciousness decided to create a reality where we are all joyful, where we have everything and all live in harmony, the opposite concepts such as unhappiness, lack of resources and problems would not be a physical reality on our planet but only exist as a concept on a higher reality. What does this mean? It means that for some to live a good life, it is not necessary for others to live badly, and if I am able to create a good life to myself thanks to the power of my thoughts and actions, everyone can do the same. Is this true? What would hungry people in Africa or victims of war think about this concept? This is material for next publication as it is an interesting topic that deserves a separate post so we can ponder over.

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