The light of the being that we carry within


In some of the conferences, when I spoke that we should let out the light of each one, the potential that we all carry inside, some attendees told me that although we all understand what we are referring to, it does sound very poetic and very romantic, and they wanted to know if I could explain it in a more concrete way or give an example on how to carry it out.

I find perfect the previous article that I published a couple of days ago about the structure or components of the SUPRA-BEING you can read in this other entry.

Manifesting the being we are

You know that we all are an incarnation of a portion of our SUPRA-BEING. The Higher Self, through spirit and soul, that portion of divine energy that is now using a physical body to gain experiences and incarnate is the one that should have the reins and the management of our lives and the fact of “bringing out the light that we carry inside” is nothing but to make space and let that nucleus or essence of divine energy fully manifest and expand. And that’s done by clearing their territory and letting him take possession of it. That territory is nothing but the heart and its connection through the lower spiritual center in the center of the fourth chakra.

The energy of our HS is thus projected to this lower spiritual center related to the heart. I know that many of us talk about the pineal gland being the seat of the soul, but soul and spirit are two different things, and our HS has its attachment in our fourth chakra and it expands from there to the rest of our body and energy system. The best way to achieve this connection and manifestation, is through meditation, as I now explain.

And how is it in there?

Do you notice that you are connected to something deeper and elevated within you than your mental processes? How do I know what is my inner state? Of course it’s there, but is it “established”, ruled and manifested? Or you look at life that leads the body where it incarnates from far away without being able to influence it because the emotional and mental processes (of the soul and the personality) carry all the control all the time at the 100% ? Well, we can see that by simply going into meditation.

Close your eyes, enter into the deepest state of consciousness you can and then visualize yourself coming down and entering your heart. Mentally search the center of it, imagine it or visualize it. There should be a point where there be “something” that represents the light of your being and your potential. How is that? Is it off? Is it inert? Resplendent? Bright? In my case, for a long time, there was an empty armchair, basically that’s what I saw until I started working deeply (and I still do, this is not a one day work) on the connection with my SUPRA-BEING (the one above) and the manifestation of my spirit in my life at the Personality level. Once I began to see my being as an energy in that central point of my heart, I began to work to expand, feed, enliven and enhance it.

To do this, we then work with our SUPRA-BEING and our Higher Self (see the schema of the previous article). During meditation we connect with both of them through our Source, the place from where we were born, and create an energy of a greatest potential that we are able to channel (using our intention) between our crown chakra and the lower one to the fourth chakra, feeding and reloading our lower spiritual center which grows and expands from our heart to the rest of our body.

Making space

What happens to the most of us is that that energy doesn’t expand because it has no room to do it. And why it doesn’t have room? Because our physical, etheric and emotional heart is usually filled with all those blockages, fears, worries and other energies that usually keep it partially closed in many cases. How to do it? Well, with another very simple but very powerful meditation technique that explained to us some time ago a guide in a regression session through a friend and companion with which I was working. Thus, his guide, with whom I spoke that time, urged us “to go straight ahead into the heart and clean it inside.” The technique is very simple.

We simply do the meditation and the visualization of going down to the heart. You can represent it as going down a few stairs until you reach a door that says “heart”, and you enter. You have to visualize that you are in the center of a room, or something similar from where you can see lots of doors. At the center of that room or place is where the energy of our being must manifest and settle, and each door represents a fear, a blockage or a story to be solved. Do not be overwhelmed if hundreds of doors appear because you will see all those related to your stories of past lives that are affecting you or that are still pending.

Cleaning work is done door by door. Let yourself be guided by the door who draws more your attention and address her. Open the door and see what’s inside. Images, memories, objects, people. Whatever is in there must be healed, understood, resolved or forgiven. You have to let meditation take its course and your inner being will guide you on what to do (although this process works the best when someone directs you from the outside and you are telling him or her what you are perceiving to avoid getting stuck if you perceive things you don’t know how to deal with them.) Once you understand what’s in that room or whatever’s behind the door you’ve opened, you have to clean it all up, sweep it, remove all those memories and blockages. You can ask your guides for help, you can imagine a magic broom, you can open a hole in the ground and throw everything there to be transmute, etc., the resources are infinite. Then you have to completely disassemble that room or place, even the door from where you have accessed to so that you will see yourself again in the central room of your heart but with a door, a lock and a story less pending, obtaining by this a little more space for your being.

Repeat the process

And so, we repeat and repeat and repeat. It is a very therapeutic process, the simplest things always come out first, those that will not cost you anything to deal with because they are the ones that at this moment you, at the level of your inner being, allow you to face. As one cleanses “the easy ones,” then come things and situations that require facing deeper fears, stories, or blockages. And little by little your being will have more space, it will expand and it will manifest its potential in your life in an increasingly present way. It is a good exercise to start a new year and never stop so we can really draw the light that we all carry inside and I can tell you with total sincerity and truthfulness that of “nayare serinoa”, which you know what it means: you are the light of the world.

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