After the last article about the tunnel of light and what I read and heard about it with all kind of opinions, I kept of course with many loose ends and doubts in my head, comparing my personal experiences with what I have lived on regression therapy and with what is said in different literature out there. So, as I always try to find answers, I took advantage of a regression session yesterday, so that, through a colleague, I could ask questions of one of your guides about it.

And here’s the transcription of the conversation we had:

David: Well, speaking about something else, I’ve been reading about the so called tunnel of light lately, about what happens when we die, and if a vortex is opened where we come out of the physical plane. In many of my regressions, after my death, I’ve seen myself coming out from a tunnel….

Guide: Yes, this tunnel you see is what you call the silver cord

D: Is this vortex the silver cord?

G: Yes, because that’s what takes you off the physical plane, even if they open up another type of vortices to other sites.

D: So every time I leave an incarnation my silver cord is the one that connects me to my higher self and allows me to leave?

G: That is right, it opens up to allow the exit, and that’s why you perceive it as a vortex. It’s even one of the ways you go out in astral way at night, but what happens is that you don’t get [the silver cord] when you’re asleep. When your physical body dies, the silver cord disconnects. That’s the light you call the vortex or tunnel you see

D: But if that vortex is the silver cord, wouldn’t it have to be connected to me? Because sometimes I see it far as 500 meters in the sky and in different positions

G: It doesn’t matter, it’s only the way you look at it and remember it

D: And thru the other side of the vortex is where we go to different places?

G: It depends on what you have to do, what you’re planning to do after each life

D: I understand. I’m just asking you this because there is literature who may be nothing more than to instill fear, literature that talks about capturing the soul that leaves a life to force it back into the physical plane in a “forced” way

G: Well, it’s not quite right.There are people who, because of their normally initial or basic evolutionary level, go in and out quickly from one incarnation to another as part of their learning, and their free will is more limited when it comes to choosing the next incarnations. It is because they have different levels of evolution.

D: Okay, I understand that, the story was that by going into the light that we perceive as a tunnel, that represented a “trap” or a potential danger

G: No, it has nothing to do with it. The tunnel is always the silver cord, which takes you out of each incarnation and takes you to the most appropriate plane according to your evolutionary level for the period between lives. Then, after leaving and getting out of there, different processes happen. Other cultures call this transition the Bard, the place to where you go and the plans you have for that place. This includes both people who remain anchored close to Earth and those transitioning to higher planes. But this is something that is allowed and that is part of the reincarnation process.

D: Okay, it’s not that the control system and the races that feed on us use this tunnel of light to collect energy, to “capture” souls, etc., etc.

G: No, not when you leave, it only happens when you enter, so you already know the energy mesh that surrounds the Earth

Last week before I had this conversation, I did another regression to another companion, when I took her out of the life we were analyzing, I had her describe the process of exiting the tunnel step by step. What I felt, what I perceived in slow motion, simply fits with all this that yesterday explained the guide. This morning, i went into regression, we have done the same and I have been reliving very slowly step by step the exit from my physical body towards the internal planes through the silver cord now that I knew what the vortex was. As a matter of fact when I finished crossing it, I have appeared in one of the levels of the internal planes where another story has already developed which is no longer relevant, but I was aware that the tunnel was the connection of my being to the physical plane.

Entering the planet’s core

On the other hand, another very interesting thing that was explained to us yesterday, is that the new souls that wish to incarnate can be made to enter, not through the exterior of the planet, making them cross all the non-physical layers and the “negative” mesh, but through the interior of the nucleus of the planet. If you have read Nassim Haramein, you know that he postulates and explains that the center of each planet, star or galaxy is a singularity, a black hole, which can be used so that the energies, consciousnesses and beings that have the sufficient evolutionary level, can “travel” from one end of space to another almost instantaneously. Before knowing Nassim Haramein’s theory, he had already experienced it in one of the regression sessions with a companion, because when he left a life of his, to “return” to his home, he was jumping from “nucleus” to “nucleus” of different systems through these openings. At that time we also did not know exactly what we were perceiving or if it was simply the way the soul interpreted this journey back home, however, both when studying the theories of Nassim Haramein with what we have learned talking to the different guides that have appeared in the regressions, we see that it is something of the most normal and usual from a certain evolutionary level, to leave or enter the inner cores of each planet.

Well, if to get out you can do it through the vortex of light that is the silver cord, and to get in you can do it normally by descending from the subtlest planes to the densest ones losing consequently energy, potential and memories (one of the things we don’t remember anything of our past lives is because when we cross the mesh the control is activated or the veil of amnesia that we all have is established), you can also make the future soul enter through the interior of the nucleus of the planet so that it enters with 100% of the potential, knowledge and energies that it brings “in series”.

Meditation and request to the preparation of the entry

To do this, they explained to me yesterday, parents in meditation must connect with the being of their future baby and with their guides to ask and plan when the definitive entry of that being into the physical body takes place (because you know that, during pregnancy, most souls constantly enter and leave the body, and are not permanently in it, unless they be really “young” souls that want to experience the 9 months of gestation) and this entry is then made not through the outer layers, but using the steps from the point of origin of the being that will incarnate to our planet. In this way the being that is going to be born doesn’t lose an ounce of its potential, vibration and memories, which of course facilitates many things for its coming years as a human.

Maybe this all sounds like science fiction to you, well, it’s possible. I personally is something that I will do, because I will be a father again soon and we have already connected in meditation with the being that will incarnate as our future daughter, now what we will do is reconnect and ask and plan the final entry in this way that I was explained yesterday to get it to a new life with the maximum potential for their work, their mission or what you have to do and learn this being on this planet and with us. I will keep you informed of how the experience develops.