With regard to my previous post where I described the experience of having “visited” what we could call a parallel life, I thought I could use this opportunity trying to explain somehow the mechanics involved in this kind of situation, in order to provide context and structure on how things like this are possible.

I had mentioned that, according to information obtained from my Higher Self, we all exist simultaneously in a series of parallel lives where we  are living and having an incarnation as real as this one, and this I could confirm it to myself by a lucid dream I had a few days ago, which wasn’t information retrieved from my Akashic Record.

In fact, I became interested in studying parallel lives when people I treated came to me and said they had had very vivid dreams, where they “knew” it was them living another life, just like it had happened to me. They could see themselves in another place, with another people, in different circumstances, and when they awoke they were emotionally affected by what happened in the dream. Another person I met was being physically “attacked” in a parallel life, and inexplicably he suffered everything, physically, in this one. This individual’s research on Akashic Healing resulted in what we call “open portals” to parallel lives.

Portals connecting among incarnations

A portal to a parallel life is a channel, a tunnel, a connection, or an open door to an extended consciousness field through which we can experience our other lives. As a general rule, the Higher-Self should not allow different extensions of consciousness to mingle and affect each other. But the reason why this may happen, when the Higher Self allows such interaction, is the need to force different incarnations to recollect as many experiences as possible, or to perceive them from one’s another angle, as a learning tool or method of validation.

Despite knowing that parallel lives do co-exist, it is unlikely that we ever be allowed to meet our other selves in real life, because they exist in parallel realities, not in this one we are now, being Earth a multi-reality planet which we will explain in some other articles. Should would be able of doing so might could mean a terrible shock, although we could make sense of it as if meeting a twin brother, with whom we share 100% of all physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual features. It might be interesting, perhaps just as a curiosity, but in my opinion, circumstances will never quite accommodate for this to happen, as in general, we are not able to move to those other realities, notwithstanding how hard we try to know more about other potential existences.

Open connections

The following diagram explains graphically what it is to have an open portal between two parallel lives:


As a rule, solutions at this level call for closing these portals and, unless communication between two incarnations is vital, permission to close them is granted all of the time. At a conscious level, neither person knows what is going on, for these portals lie at the subconscious and the mental body in 99% of the cases; therefore, only the subconscious mind is really aware of what’s being given and where it’s coming from. In my case, I discovered there were several portals open, which allowed me to obtain some information, especially in dreams, like the one I had a couple of days ago and topic of my last article.

Be that as it may, one person or incarnation has total freedom to decide how to bring about the “active” period assigned to him, he may choose to block information from other realities, or decide to neglect his lessons in this life, and do as he pleases in his path. This behaviour is totally valid for incarnations below the more advanced stages of evolution, because any experience will provide an invaluable amount of information to the Higher Self. However, in final incarnations the Higher Self will force experiences necessary to complement the process of evolution in this “school”. It is also true that very advanced incarnations tend to be quite aware of their spiritual part and mission, and intuitively understand what is happening to them.

In any case, being aware of parallel lives unlocks infinite possibilities for the work of psychologists and therapists, who can use this tool to find answers as to why certain people suffer certain disorders, to understand why they feel one way or the other for no apparent reason, or why they experience situations that go beyond logic. I am certain that more than one of these persons may have ended up doubting their mental abilities, when constantly receiving information or sensations from the “self”, in another place, doing something else, with another job, and being “affected” without knowing how or why, with a thing completely beyond control.

The Higher Self, just like other things, limits what’s transmitted through these open portals, and accept they be closed upon request, if they cause more harm than good. In some cases I’ve been emphatically told that I should leave the portals open, other times that they may be closed, when seen from a higher plane, where a more global view of the situation in both parallel incarnations is possible, and accounting for the benefits of exchanging experiences, sensations, and information.