Of the different components which form our human body, we distinguish between internal systems (those which only “exist” while we are alive, such as the etheric matrix, the channels system, the chakras system and the layers of the auric field, all of them belonging to the etheric body) and the “external” systems, which stay active even after the death of the physical body happens, and that we also call the subtle bodies.

Of these subtle bodies, which are basically the different components our soul “puts on” as she “gets in” a physical experience, we distinguish four: the etheric body, the emotional body, the mental body and the spiritual body or causal body being this last one, the suit the soul wears in the periods within lives as an unique “wrapping”. Of all of them, I would like to talk you about the mental body now.

The mental body

Our thoughts and ideas, and our rational and intuitive knowledge, are carried by our mental body. Its vibration is bigger than the etheric one and the emotional body and its structure is less compact.

In a mentally less developed person, the mental body has the appearance of a white milky substance. The existent colors are dull and without brightness, and its structure looks fairly opaque. The more vivid the thoughts are, and the deeper the intellectual knowledge of a person, the more clear and intense are the colors their mental body radiates.

As all our systems are interconnected, the lower frequencies of vibration of this mental body are manifested in our linear thinking in the function of rational understanding, through which we seek knowledge of “spiritual truth”. Basically, this type of mental activity performed by our brain and by our mind is based on the perceptions of the physical level, instead of the transformation into knowledge of the perceptions that come from the spiritual body, where we can access this type of knowledge.

What does the mental body do?

The real role of our mental body is to collect the “universal truths” that reach the spiritual body and integrate them into rational understanding, process them in our mind, which transfers them to the specific situations of our life and allows us to find the solutions and the answers to the problems of our existence and to the universal laws that interest us.

This is why the knowledge that comes to us from the spiritual plane of our being is manifested as intuition of which we have spoken so many times and which I comment so extensively on my spanish book “The Power of Intuition”. It is a sudden knowledge, frequently through images or even through sounds that are transformed into verbal thoughts. And when we follow them, they allow us to look inside the real nature of things, so we translate what come to us “from above” to use it “down below”, instead of living “down below” with that we have created in our mind, the lowest level of generation of knowledge and understanding we have.