The multiple degrees of the evolutionary polarities

Recently I had a chat with some friends about the two evolutionary polarities, if those who we call STS, abbreviation of the evolutionary path that we call of service to self, is really correct to assign them the label of “negative polarity“, and, if those we call STO, acronym of service to others, is actually correct to call them “positive polarity“.

In one hand, if it were not for the use of some sort of terminology, we could not define complex concepts, but all of us seem to agree that when metaphysically speaking, we are using the term of service to others to refer to a person, entity, non-corporeal being, race, group or planet, we are undoubtedly talking of a being that has decided to move forward, grow and evolve through the service to others, through the aid and work with regard to third parties. Undoubtedly, to these beings, persons or positive entities this label fits then as a glove from our human point of view and there is little discussion regarding this, in any case, we can talk about the degree of service to others given, the dedication or the form, but the chosen polarity and the “side” in this dual universe is not open to confusion.

The degrees of “Service to Self”

But, what happens then, with beings, races, groups or people who vibrate inside the polarity of service to self? Does it make sense to call all of them “negative”? Here is where the issue of ‘degrees’ within this polarity is much more important and should be taken seriously.

When we assign the STS label to a race, to a planet, to a person or to a group of beings, we say that they have chosen the road to evolve back to their Source through the way of “serving their selves”. This is something similar as to decide to do all the way to growth looking always for a personal gain, the acquisition of experiences and lessons and everything that implies to advance at the expense of others. So this is how we mainly see all those races off-planet that have such negative connotations in our planet for the activity they manifest, their bellicosity, their desire for power, dominance and control. We don’t have to go so far because this definition applies to many people in our hierarchy of power and control which consciously or unconsciously work and go through life searching just for this way of taking advantage of others for their own benefit, and according to this, the social, educational, financial, legal and economic structures of the planet are mostly assembled.

What happens with a being, a group, a race or a planet that goes under their own steam without being aggressive, dominating, controlling, or with warlike tendencies against anyone? What happens with a person who decides to work on its own individual path, alone, isolated, without taking into account the rest of those around him, but, without doing any damage or causing any disharmony around? Obviously this person would have the STS label because he is not working directly to help others as a way to learn and grow, but we could hardly equate it to a person or entity seeking negativity as a control source, source of power or dominion over other fellow man for their own benefit.

Here is the first problem, where when making an Akashic Healing reading of the spiritual person’s profile you get that this person has a tendency or evolutionary polarity STS. Are we really talking about someone ‘negative’ in the most literal sense of the word, or someone who is simply concerned about his own affairs “at all levels” but neither joins to the group where he belongs nor works against it? It’s hard to know because you usually do not know the person and even less the reasons due to which the energy reading is giving you this STS evolutionary polarity, but it results that when is someone you know, and you know “his life”, you realize that actually he is not a “negative person” as all of us would understand, but that is someone who simply neither “works doing something for others”, nor against. So we have that the definition of STS, in its subtlest level, seems more like something “neutral” or “independent” than a bad thing.

STS people vs STS races

At the level of people it is not very easy to see because on this planet, in this evolutionary level, everyone constantly oscillates and on a virtual form between the two polarities, except those who have consciously made the choice to live their lives to serve others or those who have made the choice, consciously, to live their lives to serve themselves at the expense of others. But on a planet such STS as ours, both polarities have been living hand in hand for a millennia.

The problem is when we speak of exopolitics, of races that come from outside, of groups of other planetary systems. How do we classify them? And what label do we give to those who claim to be positive but do not appear to be so or to those who are doing “positive” actions because they have no choice?

During the Conference I’ve been giving these months in different sites, I briefly explain that we have much support from “outside” groups for this evolutionary change where we are involved because in some cases, they have no choice. I mean, the fact that our planet “goes up in level” implies that certain “galactic” and energetic cannons are generated, which makes other systems benefit, so those who walk through those other systems are interested in us to pass “the course”.

For this reason, many “races”, although they are not all the STO we would like to see in this gradient of polarities, are giving us a hand so that they can benefit when they have the moment to pass through the expansive wave that generates a rise in frequency like the one that the Earth is creating.

In these circumstances, many of these groups and beings have the label of a very big STO, for the help that is being given to us, but if we were NOT at this crossroads of energy paths, perhaps we would not put that polarity so cheerfully. On the other hand, we wouldn’t put the other one either, because possibly we would be talking about “neutral” groups that see for their own without participating in anything that could represent an attitude of “serving others”, nor do they go around doing harm or conquering planets (so to speak).

Multiple gradients

So, to understand each other, it is sometimes better to talk directly about negative races (our aliens from all those series of invasions) and negative people than STS races because somehow, we are leaving patently clear, pure, hard orientation at the most radical end of this evolutionary polarity, and then when we really want to talk about someone, something or some who have chosen the polarity of service to oneself find out what degree of “neutrality” they are in. If we are talking about people, as I said before, it is complex to define it, if we are talking about planets or races as a whole, it is something simpler. And so we avoid putting radical labels or putting the poor 4D, 5D or whatever you have decided to do all the way back home alone with the races that have decided to do everything in the house where they are. Subtle difference, if you understand me.

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