The origin of the tarot and the archetypes of the solar system


In many of the books and studies that exist about the origin of the tarot, it is said that its earliest appearance is in paintings, images and designs, sculpted and drawn on the walls of the temples in Egypt. There, priests used to study the meaning of the universe, life and evolution through knowledge, represented by the symbolism of what became the 22 greatest Arcana of the Tarot.

Some authors suggest that the images and symbols could even come from an earlier time (¿Atlantis?) but probably the original order and meaning of each one of those arcana has faded out over the time and transmuted in what is more suitable for the spiritual thinking of every epoch.

The origin of the Arcana

At its most original conception, the 22 symbols of the Tarot would have been divided in 3 groups of 7, plus one card which is the one that represents the global vision of the evolutionary design of our solar system.

According to some channelings, originally the tarot represented the design of our Sun – as an entity or spiritual being that rules and has created the evolution of all the system where we exist – made with its conception of “evolution” for those willing to come here. Somehow, the original meaning of the 22 main Arcana are the universal archetypes (at the level of the solar system) of how was designed this “game board” (evolution levels, dimensions, physical planets, interactions between them, evolutionary paths, possibilities of election and polarity, free will, etc., etc.). All the basic design concepts of our solar system would be contained in the 22 Arcana and were transmitted to the first priests and spiritual teachers by other higher-order entities in an attempt to communicate this design to a “physical” level.

The fourth book of “Material Ra” also tells us that the 22 Arcana originally represented the archetypes of the body, mind and spirit. The first block of 7 Arcana indicate the catalysts, the symbology and the potential of what at the level of body, matter and physical can be achieved. The next block of 7 Arcana represents the archetypes of the mind, the subconscious, the connection with the intuitive mind, the potential of the collective unconscious, etc.The last 7 Arcana represent the archetypes of the evolution of the spirit in the levels and planes available in our solar system. Finally, the last card, the 22, is the global cosmological vision of everything we know in the solar system. (Note: it is possible that the one we know today as the last card of the Major Arcana, The World, is not the one at that time was the card 22. It would take a much deeper study here).

Divination instrument

It also seems that the Tarot was not an instrument of divination at the beginning, but a symbolic representation for the study of archetypes and Creation and that its incorporation into a system such as astrology or other forms of prediction, converted it and gave meaning to each of the cards we know in our times. So, the so-called Egyptian Tarot is probably the closest to the original symbology that the first priests had in their hands, and all the current designs and covers are the result of the incorporation of new perceptions, techniques and interpretations added throughout. the ages.

Even if you use the Tarot or not, being such a widespread and common divination instrument, it is interesting to think, that in its beginning had a different and deeper meaning which is no other than the symbolic representation of something so impressive and so out of our reach than the vision of the creation of the place where we live given by the entity that gives life to our star.

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