The past is not written in stone


More than a year ago we talked in this article about the future not being written in stone and constantly being created. This seems logical and normal to us, what may not seem so is the statement that the past is also not written in stone.

Multiple options co-existing as different realities

Let’s put ourselves right now in our present moment. Because of the actions, decisions and situations we are experiencing, we are creating different possibilities for different effects to happen due to those actions or decisions. If I do something A, right now, probably the short-term result will be B, C or D, that is, there are likely to be different probabilities as a manifestation of my action. Of those probabilities, one of them will be “implemented” in my reality, while the others, from our point of view, “have not happened.”

However, this is not entirely correct, as if in your life, due to the action you have taken, the B effect has manifested (you have skipped a red light and hit someone) instead of the C (you have hit another car), or the D (you have managed to pass the crossing without problems and continue on your way), those other options have manifested, or are manifesting, in another “parallel reality“ (only those with a greater ”potential” do it). This obviously leads to the existence of multiple micro-parallel realities/timelines which we cannot see or perceive, but which “exist” in another dimension as “ours” exists.

Time does not exist

If we consider that despite our perception, time “does not exist” for those other levels of ours that are outside the Earth’s lower planes, and therefore, outside the space-time restrictions to which our physical and mental part is subjected, and that since immemorial time they have been creating sub-parallel realities with every situation, event or action that every person in the world were doing, and that society executed or manifested, you can imagine that really, we’re talking about infinite past possibilities, although we only know one through our history books. The reason we know that Napoleon conquered half of Europe, that the Berlin wall fell or that Obama won the elections is because we are living, existing and tuned as a “society” with the timeline in which that happened, being for us the “only” timeline and reality we can perceive, verify and study.


Perceiving different past

All those mediums, psychics, or people able to tune into past events, travel astrally to them, or by doing regressions, can bring opposite information about the same fact they are asked to investigate. Why? Because each of them may be tuning in to a different timeline from that fact. If you don’t realize that when you try to see what “happened” in Atlantis, why dinosaurs became extinct, or how King Solomon’s life was (there are books which talk about all this, having psychically obtained that info), it turns out that data does not match with each other, simply because different timelines have been tuned, in which, in one of them a thing happened, and in another happened another one.

And it’s that when you want to know what “happened” at that particular time, you have to make sure you “connect” with the information which is in the same timeline that we are now, otherwise, and without ceasing to be true, you will see things that can totally collide with what we give ourselves as “correct”. So even if it costs us to “see” it this way, the past is also not written in stone, and it can also be constantly changing, so when asked “what happened at such a moment,” your question before should be, in what dimension? In what timeline? in what reality? And the answer will depend entirely on it.

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