Regarding the questions received on STS (service to oneself), it must be pointed out that the counterpart, of course, is that at least a critical mass of the planet manages to counteract the energetic balance by holding the evolutionary polarity of Service to others.

In this other entry onThe influence of the collective unconscious, says the following:

Blocking Critical Mass

The problem is that this that I’m telling you is also know by those who precisely try to do the opposite, (I guess I’m not discovering anything extraordinary) that is, that this critical mass is never reached, that these changes do not occur in any way. As they do it is very easy, we are attacked on a physical level (food and harmful energy emissions, TV, etc.) and we are attacked at the emotional, psychic and psychological (generic problems we can never solve, economic crises, drums of war, Distractions of all kinds, etc.).

So, because of those few millions with the potential to change the common reality by changing their personal reality, many are unwilling to lose their jobs, their home, their personal problems, etc., the “controlsystem” gets only a few hundred thousand, which are in a position to actually act, but below that level of critical mass needed. The idea is to act, be a little or a lot, be aware of the real situation, be able to see all angles and polarities, and know that everything that is going to happen in the next few years, at the level of common reality, basically depends on how we can modify the unconscious collective that generates this common reality. The only thing you must keep in mind is this: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” No matter how small.

The evolutionary path of service to others

We live in a society/planet clearly “of service to oneself”, which does not remove that on an individual level we can choose the evolutionary path “of service to others” and work on it to pass the level on that polarity.

What exactly is this “way”? The simplest definition is: “to live life in the face of service to others, so that one receives all that it needs through the service of others towards oneself.” That is, cooperation, networking, mutual help, so that one is helped in what he needs by the fact that others, in the same evolutionary polarity, do what we do.

The service to others is based on quite defined rules, in fact, when we do the meditations of connection with entities that we call “spiritual guides” they make it very clear to us.

· Service to others has the free will of the person as a basic premise. That is, the will and free will of anyone is never violated, nothing is ever imposed on anyone. Basically this means that we help or offer that “service” when it is required of us, and in the manner and at the time in which it is required. It has a lot to do with letting each one make their own decisions, make their mistakes, choose their path, and accept TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY for their own actions. A person functioning purely in the STO sense will not seek to modify, manipulate, or change anyone, as it would be a violation of that free will and an interference in the lessons and learning of others.

· Service to others requires a net balance in the exchange between the parties. That is, you must give as much as you have to receive. Otherwise it creates a kind of “debt” or imbalance. This is one of the reasons for giving a lot, but not accepting anything in return, has nothing to do with the polarity STO. In fact, the vision of those who “give and give and give and do not want to receive anything in return” is the distorted version of an STS paradigm, service to oneself, by seeking personal satisfaction “for being a good person.” The service to others is to give and accept the counterpart that is offered to us in return, whether money, potatoes or a hug, because all of these are different forms of energy that harmonize and keep the polarity balanced. But that balance must be maintained. If you do a service that in energy terms is worth X, and you only get one third of that X back, there has been a deficiency in the relationship between these two entities. Among other things, for that reason you charge for your work in the company where you are, you must accept to receive the favours back that people make to you when you have helped them, or let them lend you a hand when you need it while you lend them a hand when you’re asked.

· Service to others is objective, it tries to perceive things “as they are”, from the point of view in which “things” perceive themselves. This is complex to explain, but basically means that reality it’s seen as it is and does not hide what it doesn’t like of itself because it is not part of its polarity. On the other hand, the service to oneself only sees “what it wants to see”, becoming the Achilles ‘ heel of this evolutionary path, because they are not able to perceive the global vision. It is one of the factors that the STS (service to oneself) dominance in our society will sooner or later be “knocked down”, as they continue to see things like horses with dark circles on the sides of their eyes, they only see what’s in front of their noses. The polarity of service to oneself only sees what they want to see.

To “advance” you must choose

It is not difficult to make a conscious choice and start living with these little ideas in the head, the hardest part is to circumvent and fight against the “obstacles” thatthe control system will put in your life to do, something we see every day. These obstacles take many forms, especially in actions that encourage all kinds of separatism, hatred, distrust, violence, etc., against each other. A society in constant alert for internal struggles, concerns about violence, fights between races, ethnicities, social groups, etc., is a perfect society so that the service to others cannot be put into practice ” just in case.”

The only way to counteract this is to take the risk and put it into practice. Because, what if I help that person who asks me for help although in my unconscious is installed the program that “careful, you’re still going to be harmed”? Well, at the moment you give that help that they are asking you for (I speak in a generic way), you take a step in modifying your personal frequency towards a positive polarization of your evolutionary path. And when many people modify that personal frequency enough, there is nothing that can throw it back. And there is no other way to solve this.