These last days half a planet wakes up and lies down to read or to watch the news about what’s happening in the United States and its potential global consequences if the American economy falls and goes into a “default.” I am not very interested in the political or economic part of the matter, because they are the reflection and the consequence of a long chain of events that have been happening in recent years and that, because of how we have set up our economic system, has many points where it can completely explode. What interests us, or is more important to me, is to notice how certain key points and movements are used to make the system jump when it’s interesting or keep it afloat when it doesn’t matter.

Right now, people in United States live in a state of panic. If your country, officially one of the most powerful on the planet collapses and with it collapses an entire lifestyle, it is normal that many people are vibrating in the frequency of fear. Obviously, what happens in the United States has a lot to do with what happens across the globe, so when you have to activate some springs to provoke some kind of massive reaction at the energy level on the economic issue, “the ones above” have it easy. Anyway, that’s not what I wanted to tell you today either.

A big change in timelines

Basically since I gave the first conference in Barcelona we have been monitoring the changes in the different timelines that we have, the largest, at the planet level to see the evolution of this evolutionary level step in which we are involved. In Barcelona I explained that there were about 10 possible futures more or less solid, in Seville, two weeks ago, they had been reduced to 5, and today, this morning, we found that only four time lines seem to have global strength with the potential to manifest themselves as the “future” that does not wait. As you can guess, one of those timelines, and it is the one I explain in the conference, is the positive one, the ideal, the one that takes us to a relatively smooth evolutionary level step which usually has the time line label 42, while the fourth, in this case, is the most negative, the one that makes us repeat the cycle, repeat the course, the one that makes us miss the possibility of level change and that bears the name of time line 33.

A few days ago the most negative timeline had little strength, the number of people who are awaking, meditating, cleaning energies, working for a better future had taken the ideal timeline to levels never seen, and our guides told us that the number of people who were starting to resonate more and more with positive energies continued to increase day by day. And today, however, the most negative timeline resurfaces strongly and is put into a position of power (not as much as the main line, but lagging behind). But, why? What has happened that has brought down the vibration of the planet so much and caused the most disastrous line of events for all of us to be put back in the sprint because it is the one that manifests itself? Because of the economic debacle artificially orchestrated in the United States by those above and by those above and by those even above.

A big shot of fear

The fact that for a couple of weeks so many millions of people have inadvertently connected with the possible and hypothetical future of what might happen if the country that dominates the world economy falls, has pushed the planet’s vibration to a much lower state of what it was three weeks ago. The timeline that had only a small 5% chance of manifesting, the most catastrophic and negative, now has almost 50% of the potential. It’s been a well-calculated and well-executed move, from my point of view.

Let’s put a remedy to it

As we’re always told, everything even in chaos has an order, and everything has a reason to be. The energetic balance of the two “sides” that pull the cart on this planet, moves from side to side as each group plays to take the cat into the water of their side. Every action of humanity that consciously pulls the cart to raise the vibration of the planet is countered with an action of equal or greater power to do the opposite. Up there they play monopoly with us and personally, I’m a little sick of that.

Although it is something that many of us already do on a regular basis, I propose to whomever feels like it, to do a little exercise again in our home. Let’s do a meditation to calm the fear that exists covering the United States. You don’t have to worry about the physical part, because it will follow the state of the energetic part, so what we do or don’t do at the energetic level will be the result that we finally see in the news in a few days on the final result of this “economic” problem. The idea is not to violate the free will of anyone, who wants to get into panic or worried has the every right to do so, but we can send a balm of calm to the collective unconscious of the planet especially to that area, to diminish the huge bag of negative vibration that exists now over the United States. We must help them to raise the vibration of the area and we can do that together.

Please don’t think it doesn’t work. Don’t play his game. You don’t know the potential you have, don’t let yourself be guided by doubt. We can execute and do wonders on an energy level, we have a lot of potential as human beings that we are and we have a lot of outside help for it. Here I no longer mesh with terminologies, if you work with your guides, call them to help you send the energy of greater vibration you want to send, if you use other names, beings or hierarchies, ask them for help. Send energy of calm, of tranquility, of love if you can connect with your fourth chakra, and if it costs you more, simply send all the positive energy you can and ask all those who assist you (the more specific you can be) to carry this energy to that area.

Again, I repeat, in times like this I don’t mind to be intense, the potential we have is so enormous that we can stop wars or change the vibration frequency of the planet in one minute each from home. At this moment, the most important focus that has brought the vibration of the planet down so much is in the United States, and perhaps next week it will be somewhere else, or another crisis, a tactic or a movement will be invented to do the same thing from another angle.

We have given so much power to our “governments”, that they can take decisions on our behalf and execute global actions with our consent, without bypassing the law of free will that governs us, hence they are not violating any spiritual, cosmic or metaphysical law when elite elites, and their outside friends, do what they do with us. And they will continue doing so as long as we continue to believe that they have the power to do so and that we have none. On the contrary, we have all the power in the world if we believe on it and if we set out to use it. All we need is to meditate, work energetically with a goal and believe in what we are doing.

Let’s hope we can change the world and let’s get to it. Music, relaxation, meditation, that’s all we need. And they are weapons against which they can not fight from the other side, be aware of it, and let’s give another little energetic shot to the ideal and positive timeline raising again the vibration as much as possible.