I would not be giving you any sort of discovery if I tell you that affirmations, intentions, prayers, entreaties and such are beyond any doubt when it comes to effectiveness. One of the affirmations that I have always liked goes by “Each day, in every way, i am better and better.” There are multiple emanations of energy that result in physical manifestations of that which we desire. Nevertheless, sometimes we don’t really believe in what we are asking for and the mechanism according to all the rules of attraction, fails.

Incorporate the “negative” part

The fact is that we can not manifest what we do not take for granted, if we do not believe it at one level. Since, although at the level of the mental body, we are sending an energy that is trying to manifest something concrete, at the emotional body level we are sending another frequency that cancels it, because we do not consider it possible that our mental intention can be fulfilled. The way to solve this is simple, we work with what we consider possible and FEEL as possible, so that both our mental and emotional bodies are in tune, we incorporated to the intention the “negative” part of the request that we are doing.

Completing the intention

Carrying out an intention, affirmation or a complete petition is as simple as adding “even though, even if” etc., at the end of it that is, “every day I will be better and better, even if I do not know how to do it“, “I intend to attract love to my life, even though I’m not sure I’ll get it ” “ I choose to be happy today, even if I do not feel like it right now”, etc. It’s simply a matter of incorporating the frequency or vibration that we a priori can have in the emotional body in our petition.

The result is that we are indicating that we trust in the power of the “universe” to help us manifest what we want, even when we may have doubts about it. The requests are not canceled, but are complemented and supported, because we pass the request DESPITE of our possible doubts, which in more than one occasion has more effect and faster than when we do not incorporate this “negative” part of it

Do the test to see what you perceive or feel when you use them, it is possible that intentions that were not manifested due to the contradiction between what we ask and feel about it now have free rein.