Even if we are not conscious, our resonance frequency or vibration level is our most precious asset in areas such as energy protection, personal development, or self-healing. What seems so “generic”, is something tremendously simple, it is about the “average frequency” that you emit, the vibrational level that you have in a global way, adding all the mental, mood states and emotional energetic patterns that we have and that we constantly emit. A person with all these components vibrating at a “high” level (talking in Hz, the unit of measurement of the frequency of any wave), will increase their base frequency and will see this level reflected in their daily reality, not only because of what at the level of “law of attraction” can manifest, but for the influence which that person will have in the environments where he/she moves only because of her/his mere presence.
Influence of the resonance frequency in the field of healing
Every healer, or any person who is able to influence another in a distance way is touching your vibration or resonance frequency, either at local level (for example acting on one of the subtle bodies, on a chakra) or at a general level as in a bath of energy.
When we do some kind of healing, remote or in-person, we are modifying the patient’s energy system simply by modifying a specific wave pattern that is the cause of the blockage, and we do this by modifying its resonance frequency, so that when you make their energy system to vibrate at a higher level, in that area, the energy that had been stagnated is automatically unlocked.
For example, it would be like shaking a shaker that had pieces of paper stuck on the outside. The vibration force of the shaker causes these papers to peel off and fall, simply because of having increased the movement and modified the forces that kept the papers (understood as energetic blockages) engaged.
Thus, it is easy to understand how simply “mentally ordering” the elimination, after having discovered a certain blockage, with the “intention” to heal something, this starts to heal, and that is the detonating energy of the healer once is received by the “Patient”, makes the inner vibration mechanism work and modifies the energetic pattern of the area where the embedded blockage is located and this “goop” begins to gradually detach from that area (that is, the same person it’s self-healing) , the healer only acts as a detonator for the process of vibrational change.
This received energy, be it directly, remotely, self-generated, has only slightly modified the vibrational increase of the place where the problem was, making the zone of “hooking” no longer match with the blocking energy. Not being of the same energetic pattern, the energy causing this blockage can not keep the “hook” or coupling to the energetic system, and gradually stop to have negative effects on the health of the person.
On-site or remote healing
Does it have the same effect to be within one meter of the person or 100km to detonate this vibrational increase? The experience tells us that it is similar (although face-to-face healing is sometimes more intense), and it is simply due to our connection through the morphic field that links all human beings, that we work at the level that we work (that is, we can connect to levels of soul or Higher Self, to “unconscious” levels, at the “mental” level, etc.), but we are all hooked with each other. This is the same method, ultimately, which makes techniques such as Ho’oponopono, quantum healing, akashic healing, magnified healing, spiritual response therapy, etc., etc. work. In all cases, we are modifying the frequency of resonance of the person with the simple issuance of a mental intention or order of healing, at whatever level, which causes it to be released, disengage, transmute or solve the mental, emotional blockage, physical, emotional, spiritual, from the depths of the subconscious.
Influence of the resonance frequency in the field of energy protection
The same thing happens when we talk about energetic protection. Your resonance frequency is your anti-missile shield because if it is kept at a “high” vibrational level, it avoids a handful of external energies, astral parasites, small “negative” entities, etc., being compatible with you. Again, it is like keeping the shaker shaking at such speed that there is no way that anything which does not synchronize with that speed of vibration can get hooked. Of course it is not a panacea, there are always energies of much higher levels than those we can achieve at this time “negatively” polarized and these can be hooked or coupled to us if they wish (to be nourished), but not anything that vibrates at a lower level than ours (frequently speaking).
Influence of resonance frequency in the field of personal growth
Finally, all the things we do, execute, decide, etc., generate in us a certain type of energy. This energy is part of some energetic pattern either mental or emotional (mainly), which can be added to any of our subtle bodies and the rest of components of the energetic system, as well as influence the “growth” or crystallization (as Gurdjieff called it) of the spirit in each one. That is, basically what we learn through what happens to us or what we do to happen to us, influences our frequency of vibration or resonance that can increase or reduce it (it always fluctuates, and is not static), and can do that we “empower” more our inner “essence”, or keep it asleep. Events that makes us grow, such as experiences and lessons overcome, increases the resonance level towards higher frequencies. Events that generate effects such as traumas, blockages of various kinds, contagion of the collective unconscious, or energy attacks, can alter and reduce our frequency of resonance making us weaker or more vulnerable.
When we see everywhere saying that “knowledge protects” and “ignorance puts us in danger”, it is not only an advice that sounds good, but literally every piece of “objective and factual” knowledge brings with it its own energy charge, which is added to our mental body increasing its global resonance frequency and boosting the global resonance frequency of the energetic system.
Since also our level of global vibration depends on the sum of the level of vibration of each part of our physical and energetic system, when we talk about the need to have optimal health, a robust etheric body, a healthy emotional body and a clean mental body, we are referring that, all the components are supported and need each other, and it is useless to have some in perfect condition, and another made a disgust, it will make us plummet the vibrational level we have.
Resonance frequency vs polarization
Evidently having a high resonance frequency does not mean being a more “positive” being. The vibration level is simply that, a vibration level, the number of cycles per second that your whole energy system generates, but this vibration has polarity, as we have seen in previous articles and as I commented for hours at the conference of a few weeks ago. This polarity is what we call “positive” or service to others, or “negative”, or service to self. We have non-corporeal bodies persons and entities of all levels of vibration that you can imagine, and more or less equally distributed between the two polarities.

That is, as I said before, at a higher resonance frequency level more power and potential, although this may be oriented towards the polarity that the person or entity has chosen as an evolutionary path, either the path of service to others, or the path of service to self. Our journey consists of working on both things, increasing our frequency of resonance, and polarizing it towards service to others, all in search for an evolutionary growth and passing the “course” that we hope will arrive soon.