Those of you who have already come to the conferences that I´ve been giving these months know that, at the end, at the last part, I tell you my experiences with the sessions of regressive therapy that thanks to my friends and colleagues who help me by getting me into regression about how they are serving me to obtain information about who we are, and they also allowing me to research with them where I have managed to connect with very deep parts of their “being” and with what we call their guides.

Yesterday, in another of the “work sessions”, and with a therapist and friend, I had a little surprise, because, when I was “talking” to her “being” (with the being/spirit) that we are when we are not incarnate, one of her guides, or one of the beings who attend her normally, but with whom I had never connected in the previous regressions, he showed up and had a very good “real-time” conversation on the subject of the human mind and the part that called “the predator’s mind,” which curiously does reference to one of the books of Carlos Castaneda, where Don Juan explains:

-“We have a predator who came from the depths of the cosmos and took control over our lives. Human beings are their prisoners. The predator is our master and lord. It’s made us docile, helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protests. If we want to act independently, he orders us not to do it.-

-“But why has this predator taken possession of the way you describe, Don Juan? -I asked.- There must be a logical explanation-.

-“There is an explanation,” -Juan replies-, -“and it is the simplest explanation in the world.”- -They took possession because for them we are food and they squeeze us without compassion because we are their livelihood. Just as we raise chickens in chicken coops, so they raise us in “humaneros”. So, they always have food at their fingertips. I want to appeal to your analytical mind,”- -Don Juan said-. -Think for a moment and tell me how you would explain the contradiction between the intelligence of the engineer man and the stupidity of his belief system or the stupidity of his contradictory behavior. Shamans believe that predators have given us our belief system, our ideas about good and evil, our social customs. They are the ones who established our hopes and expectations, our dreams of triumph and failure. They gave us greed, pettiness and cowardice. It is the predator that makes us complacent, routine and selfish.-

-“But how can you do this, Don Juan? -I asked, in a way even angrier because of his answers.- -Do they whisper all this in our ears while we sleep?”-

-“No, they don’t do it that way, that’s bullshit!-. -Don Juan said, smiling.- -They are infinitely more effective and organized than that. To keep us obedient, docile and weak, the predators created a great manoeuvre, a great strategy. A horrible manoeuvre from the point of view of the one who suffers it.- -They gave us their mind!- -Can you hear me?- -The predators gave us their mind which becomes our mind. The predator’s mind is baroque, contradictory, morbid, full of myth to be discovered at any moment. The only alternative left to humanity, he continued, is discipline. Discipline is the only repellent. But by discipline I don’t mean arduous routines. I don’t mean getting up every morning at five-thirty and having cold water baths until turn into blue.Shamans understand as discipline the ability to face with serenity circumstances that are not included in our expectations. For them, discipline is an art: the art of facing infinity without hesitation, not because they are strong and hard, but because they are full of wonder.-

What is the predator’s mind?

Although this term sounds very poetic or very novelistic, what we call the “mind of the predator” is nothing more than an energetic component of our mental body located in the preconscious mental sphere generated or created at the dawn of creation genetics of the present human race where we all come from. In addition, it has its counterpart at the global level in the form of a “psychic mesh” (I have no other term to describe it) that has surrounded and surrounds the planet ever since being part of the famous “matrix” where we all live through the manipulation of our collective unconscious. As far as I am aware, this mesh (which I also have explained to you what it does during the conferences), is partially reduced and weakened thanks to the energy influx that we are receiving from outside, thanks to the increase in vibration of the planet and thanks to the increasing number of people who is every day disconnecting from this control system and stop feeding it, but it is not entirely eliminated or destroyed. I usually represent it like this in the absence of a better image:

And the current state, as it has been explained to me, is like this:

This external energetic influence, and the fact that we have mental components made in the image and likeness of the races that created us, is what generates part of the “human” behavior that we take for “normal” in the sense that our psyche incorporates, -as Don Juan said-, a perception of the world that includes fear, distrust, the judgment of some over others and above all the partial and total disconnection with the other “mind”, with the other part of the being that we are, our essence, the portion of eternal creation that is really what defines us as human beings. The “mind of the predator” belongs to the mental system of the physical and organic body we use, acts on the soul at the level of the mental body, while the “mind of the creator” belongs to the spirit, to the highest layers and bodies of our being and energy system.

Connecting with our being/essence/superior self/spirit disconnects us from the baroque and doubtful mind we all possess, and thus disconnects us from this Matrix and this system of control. On the other hand, it connects us to the higher planes of existence, connects us to the highest part of our being and opens the doors to “creation” allowing us to leave this energetic and psychic “cage” under which the human being lives and has lived for a millennia.

Separating us from the oppressive mental part

So, speaking about all this, then this guide gave us his point of view:

David: … and, the evolutionary process that we are going through, increasing the frequency of vibration and the consciousness of the human being, will be accelerated by these energy cleansings that are taking place all over the planet? [here I mean the amount of natural movements that are taking place everywhere]

Guide: That’s the idea. They’re waves that reverberates. Energy is always a wave that affect you

D: That it is not just a question of cleaning the pockets of energy accumulated and stagnant on the planet, but causing the human being to do the same…

G: The goal is for everything to balance much faster. Although you won’t notice… but yes, many people realize because their energy system changes and it causes personality disorders

D: What kind of changes can we expect in ourselves in the “normal” human being?

G: Especially in your psyche. At the perception level. When I talk about the psyche, I mean that you’ll be able to take off from the part, I’m going to use this term you know well, the “mental oppressive” part. You’ll be able to separate yourself from her, from the oppressive part. Although many people will feel much more confused by the change in vibratory level. They’re already, as a matter of fact, feeling confused

D: And this vibrational change is what is happening gradually, very little by little

G: Yes, it’s been happening for many years

D: What can it help to increase this process?

G: You know that. Stop acting through your power system and move to your energy system located in your chest, in your heart chakra [refers to disconnecting from the “3D” energies, associated with the third chakra, related to power, control, will over one another, which govern our society, and act with the energies of the fourth chakra: love, compassion, cooperation, service to others]. That is simply, abandoning the system of power and moving to the system of cooperation

D: Basically, disconnecting from current reality and connecting to a higher reality

G: Yes, it’s the same when you’re talking about density change. It’s about connecting with that other vibrational plane, each. You still have work ahead of you although more and more people are separating from the control system. There are still many people who still need, and I will use here a word that is known to you, “catalysts” [I use this term as the trigger for internal changes that lead us to grow and move forward]. Or, to put it another way, more “sticks” are needed, for some who still don’t wake up…

D: (laughs). Yes, I understand (laughs)

G: They are dependent. They’re having a hard time unhooking from this system

D: The problem, or one of the things that happens, is that since you don’t perceive many changes on a physical level inside our matrix, people don’t end up believing that we’re in an evolutionary change because everyone still sees the same physical structure and that’s what it costs for many people, not notice the energy changes that are taking place on the vibration that there are

G: I understand why you’re so scared. You are a very “fear oriented” breed (laughs). You’re very scared of everything

D: Because of the predatory mind? Or because of our nature?

G: We could say that your nature is innocent… and the predatory mind makes you dependent on it

D: When the current human race was created or born, this way of seeing things was already been established?

G: Yes, because you have the mind of your creators, their mental structures. That’s why it’s hard for you to get out of this system

D: Because we still have the fear that they had

G: Yes, they [by their evolution and polarity] were the ones who brought fear, not really you. You are an innocent race, I mean not childish or foolish, but innocent

D: We let ourselves take a lot, we cede our power, we let ourselves be guided…. And we were made like this because they needed us, all these races…

G: Just the way you need animals and the you use them

D: As it is above, it is below…

G: Exactly. There’s no difference, they’re not “worse” than you

D: Yes, it’s been a while since I realized that… is part of the evolution of everything

G: Yes, but it is now when you have to take the reins and not to blame too much to those who have come from the outside because by having their mind, you act as they acted

D: So it’s not so much about the outside influence we get…

G: No, now it’s about of separating you from this mind that controls you

D: And what’s the best way to do that?

G: In silence. With inner silence. Quiet the mind, connecting with your being, yes, you already know this but you find it difficult to have the will to put it into practice

D: Ok…

G: You get carried away by the daily maelstrom of your world, of its rules. You’re having a hard time disconnecting

D: Well yes… they don’t make it easy for you, they don’t want us to disconnect

G: No, of course. But there you have your catalyst…

And then the conversation went on some other topics. To me personally, these small lessons that I receive every time I have these kind of sessions with my colleagues, leave me speechless, they remove things from me, they make me bring out from my awareness what I already know but that then is covered again by the “maelstrom” of the day to day , as this guide said. And they provide, of course, another impressive catalyst to put my batteries on, even more, and keep working on my own process of personal vibratory and evolutionary level change growth.