The problems of the ego to stay in the “now”


We all spend most of our time living in the future, or in the past, and that’s also where most of our frustrations and anxieties come from. The mental processes that govern and control our psyche, starting with the ego program as the management software of the same (not as the concept of “vanity”), do not understand, and are not programmed, to stay in the present moment, hence it jumps incessantly by the own routines and parameters that compose it, towards what will come in what is perceived as future, or in what has already been, that is perceived as past, something on which it bases, in addition, to build, and prepare for what, supposedly, will come.

By not being able to exist in the “current” instant, it condemns us, who normally function automatically or semi-automatically, to never be “present” in the “now”, unless we make the conscious effort to return to “this moment” in a recurrent way, activating the consciousness of the being we are, to deactivate the inertia of the ego that we possess, and, when we achieve it, at least for a few moments, it’s like having achieved to land a plane and touch land again, feeling that we are back “here”, being fully aware of our environment, reality and outside world, although brief seconds after, we rise again, stop touching the ground and go back on autopilot once more, directed by the normal mental processes that take the controls, and relegate once again to another place the consciousness of our being, to where it does not bother the “ego”, and to its built-in automatic navigation system.

The real consciousness, covered by the artificial

Where is our real consciousness located when we are not present then? If I am in that “here and now”, we have a sharpness and clarity in the perception of reality that is lost when I’m not, but if I am my conscience, not my ego or my mental programs, in what place am I relegated when I am not forcing my total presence and control over the vehicle I occupy and its mental processes? I am, so to speak, overlapped, covered by the artificial consciousness that underlies and forms the external part and the superficial layer of my sphere of consciousness, which we have already explained in several articles and videos before, and that endows us with the mechanisms to be able to walk through life in a semi-autonomous way without what I really am, the consciousness that it is put forward from my soul and from my Higher Self, need to intervene at all in managing my reality if a conscious and constant effort is not done for it to remain “present”, by some components of the personality, which understands that the management mechanisms of reality imbued in the mental body, in the mental spheres, in the whole of the psyche, are only a tool at the service of those other higher parts of oneself, in order to be able to have control of the whole vehicle that defines us as human beings, and not an end for themselves as an autonomous entity of management of the incarnation in progress (the ego and its programs).

This type of functioning through the autopilot, and the difficulties we have to keep us in the present moment are aggravated, because that is how the management system of our planet and society has been designed, by the innumerable distractions of the outside world that surround us. When we watch TV, when we listen to music, when we read, when we are with the mind focused on something that comes from outside, we cannot be present here and now, because this state requires an effort so that the mind is still and allows the projection to the surface of the consciousness of our being, because just the minimum distraction that makes any of us from what you are seeing in any program, place, situation, etc., engages again the automatic management mechanisms of that perception and the ego takes once more the controls, so I’m back again “covered” (the real “me”, the being that I am), and so I return to lose (my personality), the notion of presence, alertness and of “beingness”, activating again the management programs that lead us to think about what will happen tomorrow or what I did yesterday, as a measure of preparation, planning, protection or prevention of all kinds of events that the ego doesn’t want to not be able to control, and cannot stop analysing, to be prepared for them, beyond what the conscious part of our personality wants, has decided or is activating it consciously, for the ego acts independently, and manages the mental processes, I’s and sub-personalities at its convenience.

We are designed to not be “present”

Why can not the ego live in the present? Because it is a program that has as its ultimate goal the survival of the human body and the total control of its reality, in all the details and levels of it, as well as the obfuscation of everything that does not belong to the external world of matter in which we exist, beginning with the existence and consciousness of the being that we are deep inside. When you are here and now, there is nothing to plan, there is nothing to prepare, nothing to analyse, nothing to foresee for tomorrow, and that goes against the very existence of this system imbued in every human being at the dawn of our creation as a species through genetic manipulation. By always having a system inserted in the psyche that does not have a parameter that allows it to understand the “now”, the ego can not live in it while it has control of life, and, as it has, generally, much or all the power over the personality that we create, the consciousness of the being that we are is, generally, overshadowed and overlapped, and waiting for some part of the human personality to make the effort to “awaken it” it and manifest it, ceasing to exist in the future or in the past, and ceasing to constantly evade ourselves from that eternal present, which is the natural state of everything in the Creation.

And is that “being present” a state that the ego does not understand, because it denies its own reason for existence, and therefore, will fight to turn it off at all costs, activating dozens of mechanisms which are available to the ego: activating memories, concerns, reviewing the list of pending tasks, taking you to mental scenarios of things that have already happened or can happen, etc. Everything it finds in the linear concept of the past or everything it finds for the linear concept of the future is good for the ego, and bad, at least, not optimal, for the manifestation of the consciousness of our being or Higher Self.

Opening gaps in barriers

Finally, the work we need to carry out is not so much fighting against that ego and its functioning, but to regularly force the presence and manifestation of the consciousness in that “present moment”, since, in this way, the barriers  that naturally prevent the consciousness of our Higher Self from taking over the whole of the psyche for the ongoing incarnation are gradually broken down. The Higher Self can control and direct the ego program without any problem, when it has enough will and presence to do so, both items resulting of the inner work of the person to go disassembling all that overshadows and prevents, without forcing it, and in a natural way, the manifestation to the outside of that which lies within us, and then allowing that higher part to really take control of the human existence, relegating to the background, or completely deactivating in the last instance, the majority of automatic mechanisms of management of it.

Translated from David Topi´s spanish version by Katia Moral. Follow her work via Facebook and Instagram.

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