To understand how some people can predict certain events before they happen, we have to understand how the mechanism of manifestation works from their “energetic” creation to their “physical” realization.

Everything has an “earthly” origin

Whatever it take place on the physical plane, no matter if it happens at a micro scale at home, or at a macro scale on our continent, everything has an energetic root that is born from the thoughts and emotions of those who inhabit the physical plane, “the solid one”. Our ideas, our emotions and our feelings, they first generate a reality more or less chaotic like a hodgepodge of everything that we project towards out, concentrated in the morphic field of the collective unconscious in the mental plane, but in certain situations, it takes a more coherent form when many people are tribulating over the same themes, ideas, concepts or beliefs.

The mental and emotional projections of the humanity mass are cooked and take form in the non-physical planes of the planet, the etheric, the astral and the mental planes as we normally call these first three fields or structural levels of the planet. In the closest levels to the physical plane, the etheric is almost a copy of the physical “reality”. In fact, when you make a projection and you fly to see the house of the neighbor, you are not really flying on the real physical plane where you inhabit when you are awake in the body, but in the foreground not physical adjacent to reality of every day, almost traced to this one, but with different little nuances (for example in these projections, we are in our room and there is something that is not exactly as it is on the physical level, although it seems almost like our room).

Everything that goes up, has to go down

The energies of all that we project, are positive or negative, transpire to different planes of reality, and “climb” upward, vibrationally speaking. They are created, condensed, and then manifested in the ethereal realities surrounding our planet.

The next step, once that humanity has projected towards non-physical planes is consolidated in these other realities, it begins to “fall down”, again, vibrationally speaking. It is here where a person who has the ability to perceive or see these plans will be able to perceive facts that can then occur in the physical plane. Those who have this ability will notice that something is brewing, and they will have visions, dreams, or perceptions of events that are about to tangibly manifest themselves.

This can happen at any scale in any part of the globe, but it usually happens when these events have a great energy load and come from a large concentration of energy from the mass of the population in a particular area. If you are one of those who has a dream that a war is coming, a disaster at any place, a meteorite that crashes, an attack, etc., etc., is because these events are already cooking on a non-physical level, either because a part of humanity are preparing them (secretly or not), either because a cosmic event is already happening on other level, either because many people fear that something will happen and are projecting it (and manifesting it without knowing it on a “mental” reality that will end up being a physical reality). This last case is important because it is a widely used method to manipulate reality globally by the powerful of the planet.

Natural events

Events at the physical level that depend on the activity of the planet follow the same pattern. In many cases earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, storms, etc., begin with an energetic movement in the upper planes where the release of accumulated energies in the non-physical representation of the “charged” area of the planet begins to be released, so when that mental, astral or etheric zone is being discharged, it is the turn of the discharge and energetic release in the corresponding area of the physical plane, generating then the earthquakes and various eruptions that we suffer. They also happen because of the interaction of different energy planes by “colliding”, it can provoque wreak havoc on the lowest planets of the planet. When a certain type of “waves” of a high level interact with the energy load of the non-physical upper planes of the planet, of a lower level, a vibrational rupture occurs as an atmospheric phenomenon, but it’s really a representation of a “dissonant” energetic in planes that we do not see or perceive.

For the reason before, those who are “attuned” to these non-physical planes, consciously or unconsciously, will have visions or perceptions that something is moving on other levels and that something is going to happen on a physical level. The process is more or less this way down here:

No dates possible

The fact that we can perceive the whole movement of what is cooked in the non-physical planes is 100% true for those who tune into them or learn to do it. The problem is to put dates to the perceptions that are obtained from it since these physical manifestations of something non-physical do not depend on a calendar artificially created by man.

The non-physical planes do not follow any human schedule, things happen at each level when they have to happen, I mean, when the energies that have been creating a certain number of realities have been consolidated mentally they begin to manifest ethereal and physically. And this may have certain variations because in the first place, dozens of beings and entities of the non-physical planes help so that many of the things that energetically pass up there, do not end passing down here, at least not as initially could happen. Then because ourselves help (or worsen) things with our subsequent mental and emotional projections, causing something initially projected to dissipate, dissolve or manifest itself in harmful or non-harmful ways.

And what science says…

It is an energy constant dance and precisely there are people who study it from a physical and “scientific” point of view. For example, the WEBBOT software was created to track users’ behavior on the Internet and it is said that is capable of predicting future events by tracking key words introduced into the network. What Webbot does is to analyze what are searching millions of people at a certain time, because they capture or have more interest in some subjects than others. Basically, it seeks to understand what is cooked at a certain moment in the collective unconscious of the planet manifested through the Internet.It has had a relative success with generic predictions, because it is very difficult for a psychic perception to translate into the information that people look for on the Internet, but it follow more or less this line of work, who knows, maybe in the future, we have the ability to see what we are going to manifest globally simply by analyzing what we are generating together in the collective unconscious of the planet.